Wednesday, January 5, 2011

color me happy.

this girl loves color,
so when pantone announced their colors for spring,
i got to work creating an earring
that was all about the happy,
exotic, flirtatious, festive, feel-good, feminine
theme that everyone will be embracing this spring.
introducing  allure.
a gilded flower with a lush, facted crystal drop
in the color of your choice.

 my favorite, honeysuckle.
pantone's 'it' color for spring 2011!

peony. a soft, flirty hue.

violet. a rich, sensual color. just beacuse.

coming soon in 
blue curacao, peapod, lavender and beeswax. 

also available in a wide range of other beautiful colors. 

simple and delicate. 

perfect for a spring brunch. 

lovely for bridesmaids.

please inquire here for discounts 
on multiple pairs in your preferred color choice.

sweet for a special gift.

if your boutique has a signature color
inquire here to carry allure. 

1 comment:

  1. Beyond gorgeous, Kerri! The honeysuckles are,of course, my faves!


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