Sunday, January 9, 2011

the love story continues.

the love story continues...some of you will remember the love story of sadie
part of that story was left out, as we chose to keep sadie and give away all 8 puppies. we were sort of thinking of keeping the black and white spotted puppy {alex named him cowboy}, but decided that he would have a better chance at finding a home, so we fixed sadie and kept her and gave the pup to a local animal center. 

for years, the kids asked what did we think ever happened to cowboy, 
to which we'd always respond, 'he found a great home!'

fast forward 14 years from the day that we found sadie...
alex's girlfriend posts on facebook that she has found a puppy in yuma that needs a home. upon seeing this pup's sad face, the kids agree, he looks just like cowboy and ask if we can adopt him. not quite ready for a new dog in our home, we agree that he can come for a visit over night while they search for a new home for this poor stray {knowing that this is basically like saying YES!}. when we finally meet him in person, he is very skinny, with only three good legs and a sad face, he stumbles around on the wood floor and mostly looks depressed. he doesn't know how to walk on a leash or sit. he has several accidents in the house. i am sad at the sight of this poor puppy, but, needless to say, i fall in love almost instantly, cautiously, but instantly. 
i am happy to report that in less than three weeks, cowboy is an exuberant puppy, sits perfectly, hasn't had an accident since day 3 and has put on 5 lbs. he walks about 80% of the time close to normal using all four legs and best of all, he has brought our entire family and friends such happiness with his sweet temperament and puppy ways.

the love story continues.

meet cowboy.