Saturday, February 26, 2011


if you have been reading my recent posts {first off, thank you for baring with me!},
you will know that i've been in a bit of a rut lately, lacking self-love
and in need of major overhauls in the self-esteem department.

i've been working hard at it and dressing up a bit more
and can honestly say, i'm feeling a lot better.
amazing what filling in your brows, new blush,
and a new bottle of essie polish
can do for your self-worth! plus...

living in love,
living in love always suits me
when i remember to do so.
living in love for me means loving those 
around me with everything i have 
and also loving myself {that's the hard part}. 
when i remember to live in love, my life is so much happier.

as a believer in signs, it was no surprise to me when recently
jennifer of gypsy moon gifts
contacted me with a product question...
as usual, i checked out her shop, before i replied
{does everyone do that or is it just me?}
anyway, i was happily surprised to find not only
a really cool, spiritual shop
with great products
{she sent me some amazing gypsy magic oil} 

and awesome 'feel good' photos, but something
that really intrigued me...and before i knew it,
i had purchased my first ever Reading.

my Reading arrived within a couple of days by email and was spot on.
i felt that her insight and sincere attention was totally speaking to me. 
i've read it several times and really like what she had to say. 
 i will definitely seek her guidance again. 

so, it's not big things that i've been doing, but rather small things,
like wearing 'cute' VS sweats when we go out to walk the dogs
or doing my make-up and wearing jewelry
with my jeans, tees and boots,
rather than just throwing on my Haviannas 
and running errands like i usually do.

i bought myself a few things, of course, shopping always makes me feel better!

i  purchased some gorgeous feathers for my hair from falling feathers.
the packaging and product is top quality. i love this etsy seller
and highly recommend her! the feathers alone make me feel free-spirited and sexy!
so, i'm a work in day at a time...
a few new dresses, some new make-up, a few yoga workouts, 
feathers in my hair 
and some much needed time to create...
and to live in love, you must give love, 
so lots of attention focused on those that i love so much!

i hope you are all living in love, because really, there's no other way to live.