Tuesday, March 15, 2011

run like the wind.

these great shots were taken by our great friend 
professional photographer and super cool guy

loving his new website and blog...
look closely, 
you'll see me and my family more than once.

we've been working with Steve since the kids were very 3 and 6 yrs.,
now that we have a new baby {Cowboy}...we couldn't resist sneaking him into
 a few photos...I even had to sign a model release for him!

i think these shots are totally amazing

and I wish I had this for my work space!

yes, those are my babies..hard at work...or hardly working...
you have to click on the actual photo to see them larger as
they are huge files and the don't fit on my skinny blog page.

all photos {except for Steve himself-I took that one} 
are the property of Stephen Simpson
and may not be used without permission.


  1. Great photos, love the camper!

  2. your family always looks so great :) and one day i want to rent a VW bus and drive along the coast of CA - a little camper would be fab, too!


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