Tuesday, April 26, 2011

me, a minimalist? not usually.

not usually the minimalist type
...i'm a girl that's crazy about color, 
pattern, texture, blooms, etc. 

my workspace, normally, 
a mess with ribbons, feathers, stones, inspirational 
tear sheets, magazines, books,
an abundance of color, beads and chain everywhere,
all nestled in
 beautifully-patterned bowl, cups and plates.

but lately, i'm drawn to really simple lines 
and shapes in clothing, 
art, architecture, design and jewelry. 

this new 'feeling' has been influencing my workspace.

the top photo shows my studio desk
a week ago, a flurry of inspiration;
the bottom photo, my cleaned off table,
all beads, chain and findings are now tucked safely 
in plastic bags and drawers for easy review.

the large, wooden, farmhouse table is now a clean slate
just a simple bowl {a reminder to take my antibiotics twice a day}, 
a few pens and work tools. everything else has it's own place.

while life seems to be more chaotic than ever 
and i'm on total overload with ideas and designs,
i felt compelled to cleaned up my workspace, 
organizing and categorizing everything in it
not sure, honestly, 
how long it will stay this way, but for now, it feels like
i'm making room for fresh ideas to come to life.

what does your workspace say about you?
does it change as your creative process changes?
do you work better in a mess or a streamlined area?