Sunday, June 19, 2011

angus and julia stone.

lately, i've been in major need of a 'serious' pick-me-up.
something to take me away for awhile.
something to groove to.
something to dance to.
something to smile to.
adele is one of my very, very favorites, 
can't tell you how many times 
I've listened to this song and this song,
but lately her music 
has been touching my heart too deeply,
usually bringing tears to my eyes.

so, i needed something new to listen to...and then, 
coincidently, yesterday, my very cool friend, 
Andrew, introduced me to Angus and Julia Stone, 
and i simply can't stop listening to them,
they're  a brother and sister duo, and amazingly talented. 

these two songs and videos are my favorite 
{so far}.
{i adore the elephant and the harmonica}

i equally love both their voices. 
their lyrics speak to me, 
very fitting for where i am in my life at the moment.

what's touching your heart these days?