Friday, October 21, 2011

let love rule.

my yoga practice 
makes me feel


my yoga high 
lasts for hours.

if something made you feel that good, 
don't you think you'd carve out 
a little time to do it every day?

last week, i practiced on the beach.
the boys surfed.
the sun was warm.
the smell of the ocean 
was intoxicating.

i even meditated for 30 mins.
i was so proud of myself.
i was 'that girl' taking time for herself.
i left with a mantra.


let love rule your life. 
your decisions. 
your happiness.
your relationships.
your fears.
your creativity.

i was going to put myself first in the coming week, 
give myself permission to practice yoga, 
just 20 mins. every day.
before laundry, 
before grocery shopping, 
before homework, 
before a ride here or there, 
before work.

but, here it is, a week later...and only today, 
am i finally going to give myself a little time.
that is, if there is time after the shopping, 
the meal preparation, 
the laundry 
and the 100 pairs of earrings 
i need to make and ship before monday.


i will, i promise. if i have time.
images here.
and here.

update: i ended up putting off finishing this 
blog post yesterday {thursday}
and i did my practice; 
squeezing it in between work and dinner. 
it felt great. i was proud. content. 

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  1. i've been taking pilates .... which is why i haven't been making any jewelry... i need to find balance, too!


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