Monday, December 26, 2011

the morning after.

the boys decide to go out at pipes,
the girls decide to go to pipes cafe.

johnny makes our drinks.
we think 
he is one of the nicest people 
to walk the face of the earth.
{he and his wife just adopted a beautiful boy from Africa,
which we think is totally cool! this is one very lucky, little boy}

next stop, seaside for a quick photo shoot.

while LOVE CHILD actually means 
a child conceived out of wedlock, 
to me, a LOVE CHILD is anyone
who chooses to live in love.

i'm not afraid to ask someone 
if i can take their photo. i asked this guy
'Greg' if it was okay. 
i just liked the way he looked in the background,
but the beach was so crowded that i kept
having to wait and i didn't want him to leave
before i got the shots.

"excuse me, hi, 
would you mind if i took your picture?
i'm shooting some images for my clothing line
you can just be in the background 
or turn around if you'd like"

he said sure, we chatted a bit. 
he was from costa rica. 
we always meet the coolest people.

we met back up with the boys, 
made a plan for lunch
and shared our morning stories.

bumper sticker on an old car in the parking lot. 
so true. yes. the power of love. it can change lives.