Sunday, March 25, 2012

a blissful weekend.

i love my week days. 
yoga, work, school, 
family dinners, 
Monday night; Hawaii Five-0, 
Wednesday; Survivor, 
Thursday; Two and a Half Men, Person of Interest, 
The Food Network, Bravo, etc.,
but i love, love, love 
my weekends, 
because weekends are made for fun.
here a few snapshots from this weekend.

Peace. Love. Om.
i saw this in a cool studio downtown.
this just says it all for me.
{this is my current lockscreen phone photo}.

Lucky Buddha Beer.
{i don't drink beer, 
but these make the coolest vases, 
so someone else drinks the beer 
and i collect the bottles}.

Lion Coffee from Hawaii.
{cool cafe. delicious coffee.
Toasted Coconut is my favorite, 
brought a bag home}.

bird feeder on an 
historic house downtown.

made this friday 
and it's been hanging around my neck
since then. 

these are a new favorite to hang from my ears.
{my favorite number is five, 
so i've always loved Hamsa as a lucky amulet}.

a late lunch at

yoga in the rain.
{please disregard my messy house,
weekends are made for fun, 
not housework}.