Wednesday, March 14, 2012


at 47 {i turned forty-seven in february}, 

i have decided a few things...

a little make-up looks best {which is a total drag because i love products}, 
wearing Covergirl Simply Ageless Foundation, doesn't make me ageless {i wish}, 
but does shave off a year or two, 
filling in my brows takes off a few more, 
now i'm down to 42 {hah!}  
using no lipstick, {just Burt's Bees Acai Lip Balm}, looks the best 
{i have a lot of pigment naturally, 
so lip color, i think looks clown-ish on me}, 
wearing a good mascara {Great Lash Lots of Lashes is my current favorite}, 
and a little gel liner - at night only - looks like i put a little time into my look, 
choosing a shimmer-y neutral eye shadow 
{i like Summer from bare Minerals or Maybelline 
Color Tattoo in Bad to the Bronze} is all i need to dress up my eyes. 
i love a smoky eye. love. love, but it doesn't suit me.

lastly, using Clinique Gel Blush gives that youthful pop of color
that we all want.

so, as much as i obsess over and buy beauty products, 

i look best pretty natural
{oh, and in sepia tones}. 

a few more things, 
i also decided that i better stick to role models like
cindy joseph and stop comparing 
myself to elle macpherson.

oh and

they say a smile always makes a girl look pretty, 
so i smile A LOT
{it also makes strangers wonder 
if you're crazy 
or something 
and i kinda like that}.

being in love doesn't hurt either. 
if you're happy on the inside,
 it shows on the outside.

so, as i struggle a bit with this getting older thing,
i keep these few things in mind
and this:

just because she's pretty 
doesn't mean that i'm not. 

{i saw this posted recently and really liked the idea}.

so tell me, 
what makes you feel beautiful?


  1. wow this was a great post!!! I too struggle with getting older and being a hair stylist it seems that they all wear way to much makeup,and I am turning 40 this year and LOVE products but have come to realize that less is more and the more natural I look the better I look. I think you look amazing!!!!this was just what I needed today Thank you for putting a smile on my face!

  2. Thank you Katy! Kind of thought I'd write a post for my birthday, but it really just settled in today and all in all, I'm feeling pretty good about things. ;)

  3. Happy belated birthday! Wowzers, you are a complete stunner, so beautiful. I have learned to welcome each year, and I am enjoying getting older and wiser.

    Thanks for sharing some of your tips, I think I will try some.

  4. Happy belated birthday! You are gorgeous! I absolutely love your blog! :)


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