Tuesday, April 10, 2012

coachella in spirit.

while, i think this tee is absolutely perfect for Coachella,
unfortunately, i'm not going 
{my 18 year old son is though, 
and i really don't think he 
wants to see his mom in a sweat-drenched, 
sheer, floral maxi dress 
singing and dancing like a 20 year old, 
which is exactly what i'd be doing}, 

but, i am still a music lovin' girl
and will be wearing my Frieda tee proudly
this weekend 
wishing i was center stage with 
Gotye, Mazzy Star, Florence, 
Feist, Radiohead, Madness, 
Squeeze, The Black Keys, The Shins, etc.,
just about everyone 
but Dr. DRE and Snoop}.

Freida coming soon in women's 
medium and large sizes.

email me at 
if you'd like me 
to reserve one for you.