Friday, April 6, 2012

why blog?

why blog? 
i get a ton of page views 
very few comments. 
why blog? 
the truth is, that although 
a comment makes my day, 

i'm busy, just like everyone else, 
and i'm guilty of doing a lot of looking 
and just a little of typing 
when it comes to others' blogs. 
so just to let you know, 
you're off the hook.
it's okay if you're just looking. it's okay.

i love, love to blog. i blog to share

inspiration. happiness. positivity.
i'm not a numbers-type of girl.
i'm a beauty-type of girl, 
as in, i see beauty 
i hope you find 
what you were 

{for that's all that is required, 
really, to make my day}