Friday, June 22, 2012

it's time to confess.

the guilt is getting to's time to confess, 
i am having an affair. 
i have been totally neglecting my blog 
due to my recent love affair with Pinterest.
if you want to know what's going on in my life, 
what's inspiring me, 
what's driving my craziness
please check in with my Facebook Fanpage 
and my Pinterest. 
i will still occasionally post photos here, 

{this is a recent shot from father's Day}

{and i'll post some photos of what 
my daughter and i are working on over the summer, 
she's on a roll making all sorts of cool things 
like these shorts and this halo}

but truthfully, 
my creative energy is pouring into 
TenThings and my family

leaving limited time for blogging properly. 

{these are some old photos we dug out over the weekend.
the kids grow painfully fast so we spend lots of time with them}

{we also spend a lot of time with my mom
she's cool, originally from Liverpool and is a creative writer;
i.e. always has lots of stories to tell}.

Pinterest has become my outlet for inspiring images. 
hope you'll join me there 
and please at any time, 
feel free to contact me at 
or leave a comment on my fanpage

or follow me on Instagram at tenthings.

i seriously would love it if you did.