Monday, August 20, 2012

summer 2012.

hah, I'm back. I miss blogging. 

today is the 'first day of school', 
and while  I don't have a lot to say today, 
it was a crazy summer, my kids are back in school 
and today seems like the perfect day 
to recap with a few of my favorite snapshots
that made this summer
so memorable.

waiting in line to eat dinner. 

my son and some of his crew. 


alex and mikaela.

the love of my life.

alex and garrett.

a summer photo shoot.


alex and mikaela
{on their daddy's birthday}

shannon and mikaela.

alex, mango and tiki.

{this kid is seriously, always up to something}

celebrating our 23rd wedding anniversary.

my sweet tipper.

some of my family.

my nephew, dylan.

and sweet mumford aka bun.

i may get back to a bit of blogging here soon,
but in the mean time, please follow me on instagram

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