Tuesday, September 4, 2012

dr. oz 48 hour cleanse.

well, actually, we are doing it, 
i talked my husband into doing it with me.

after reading about the many benefits 
of this detox cleanse in 
Oprah and on Dr. Oz's site, 
i am excited to do it. 

we are starting tomorrow.
i prepped everything today,
so we could just grab tomorrow
and thursday without thinking.

we decided on wednesday and thursday, 
as we always eat out somewhere special on friday
{it's a standing date night}, 
so we'd have this to look forward to 
after following this purifying diet 
to get rid of our toxins
for two days
{sounds romantic, huh?}. 

many of these ingredients 
we already eat, but
going without 
bread and cheese
{and for him without meat}
for two days is going to be really tough.
but, i'm up for the challenge.

all the recipes are here
for the ingredients you'll need.

i'll be drinking Yogi Detox Tea
every night. i love all their teas.
how can you not love a tea 
that has a fortune on the tea bag?

i plan to read 
over and over again
to keep us on track.

i'll keep you updated on how it's going and any results
on facebook, twitter and here after the cleanse.

if you've already done it, i'd love to hear your thoughts.

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  1. good for you, kerri! i recently did a juice diet and i loved it. there's cleane bar down the street on franklin that i'm going to pop in to and see what they have.the absolute hardest for me was cutting out bread and sweets but it can be done! good luck, i'll check back to see how you two are faring. :)


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