Saturday, September 1, 2012

fashion valley.

heading out for a night on the town.
made this skull ring for myself, 
wore it for the first time,
then ended up having to thoroughly clean it  
as it got covered with soaps and lotions 
during demos at Lush.

{note to self, always take off
costume jewelry 
when using perfumes, lotions, oils, etc.}

first stop, Stacked,
a restaurant where you order everything 
on a computer at your table. 
we ordered the design it yourself veggie burger,
fries with chipotle and curry ketchup {soo good} 
and a do it your self sundae and ice cream sandwich.
you choose everything, ice creams, cookies, toppings,  
cheese, onions, sauces, etc. by clicking and dragging 
to your stack on the screen. 
fun and delicious!

love the rolled sleeves and colors for fall.


first time in, has anyone been here before?
such a cool place, can't wait to go back 
and buy these glittery 
bath bombs.

waiting {for Mikaela} outside of H&M. 

it was hot outside, but way too cold
for me inside the store.

we were full from dinner
but i loved this wood carved logo for Starbucks.

it was a great evening with 
some of my very favorite people.

what did you do last night?