Thursday, September 6, 2012

honesty is the best policy.

i was soooo excited to do this cleanse. 
i talked about it, researched it, bought all the food, 
spent hours prepping it and got my husband on board.


honestly, i think there are several reasons, but just to be fair, i'll tell you why i quit at 1:00 pm on the second day. i didn't count on the terrible headache that started at around 11:00 am on the first day, 
kept me awake for two hours that night and continued into the next morning. 
i think this was due to giving up coffee {cold turkey} and not drinking my usual 4-6 cups 
of green tea during the day. 
no caffeine = bad headache. 
also, i couldn't eat very much of the quinoa with prunes. 
i like quinoa {in a salad}  and i like prunes, 
but together, i couldn't stomach it, so i didn't eat much but a few tablespoons.  
i also did a tough yoga class on wednesday{sans coffee} 
and was more sore and fatigued than normal. 
i checked in with my husband who was doing and feeling fine 
{he ate all his quinoa}, 
but he encouraged me to stop and eat something 
as i was feeling weak in the legs, 
nauseous and very headache-y. 
funny thing was, when i decided to quit the fast, nothing sounded good. 
i settled on a oatmeal raisin cookie from Panera, 
when i got home i had two pieces of whole grain toast and crunchy peanut
butter {my regular breakfast food} and now, 
i'm trying to drink some water and think ahead about what's for dinner.
{BTW my husband had lunch at Chipotle}.

my sweet daughter cleared out the refrigerator 
and told me she didn't want me to feel like a failure.
{i had told her i didn't want to quit even though i felt 

i don't feel like a failure. the cleanse / detox
did some good, i'm sure, in the one day. 
maybe a cleanse isn't for me.
but, i'm happy {sort of} that i tried it
and most of all, i wanted to tell it the way it was.


  1. I love this post for so many reasons, Kerri, not the least of which is that this is the exact thing that would happen to me if I tried such a cleanse! You deserve credit just for having made the effort. I readily admit that any diet or cleanse that does NOT include my morning coffee would not even be attempted by me! Love you, precious friend

  2. there is strength in trying and I think sometimes more strength in knowing when something isn't right for you. Kudos for knowing yourself well enough to know when to stop!

  3. Thanks Lindsey, I so appreciate your kind words and wisdom! ;)

  4. i've never tried a cleanse, and i don't think they're for me. i agree with Lindsey - knowing when to say no is a good thing!


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