Thursday, September 6, 2012

honesty is the best policy.

i was soooo excited to do this cleanse. 
i talked about it, researched it, bought all the food, 
spent hours prepping it and got my husband on board.


honestly, i think there are several reasons, but just to be fair, i'll tell you why i quit at 1:00 pm on the second day. i didn't count on the terrible headache that started at around 11:00 am on the first day, 
kept me awake for two hours that night and continued into the next morning. 
i think this was due to giving up coffee {cold turkey} and not drinking my usual 4-6 cups 
of green tea during the day. 
no caffeine = bad headache. 
also, i couldn't eat very much of the quinoa with prunes. 
i like quinoa {in a salad}  and i like prunes, 
but together, i couldn't stomach it, so i didn't eat much but a few tablespoons.  
i also did a tough yoga class on wednesday{sans coffee} 
and was more sore and fatigued than normal. 
i checked in with my husband who was doing and feeling fine 
{he ate all his quinoa}, 
but he encouraged me to stop and eat something 
as i was feeling weak in the legs, 
nauseous and very headache-y. 
funny thing was, when i decided to quit the fast, nothing sounded good. 
i settled on a oatmeal raisin cookie from Panera, 
when i got home i had two pieces of whole grain toast and crunchy peanut
butter {my regular breakfast food} and now, 
i'm trying to drink some water and think ahead about what's for dinner.
{BTW my husband had lunch at Chipotle}.

my sweet daughter cleared out the refrigerator 
and told me she didn't want me to feel like a failure.
{i had told her i didn't want to quit even though i felt 

i don't feel like a failure. the cleanse / detox
did some good, i'm sure, in the one day. 
maybe a cleanse isn't for me.
but, i'm happy {sort of} that i tried it
and most of all, i wanted to tell it the way it was.