Thursday, September 13, 2012

my ten favorite styling tips.

my daughter told me recently that i am the most feminine person she knows, 
this struck me as funny, because i usually wear jeans, boots and a t-shirt, 
but then i thought about the routine she has witnessed for years, 
here are a few things i believe in when it comes to styling, 
and yes, being feminine is
at the top of my list,
it's just hidden underneath my clothes.

  • forward bend when putting on your bra, it makes your breasts look full and it stretches the backs of your legs.
  • always spend your money on the best shoes, belts and bags you can afford, sunglasses, too, if possible, then no matter what you're wearing, you'll have 'great style' and these pieces will last for years. {note: keep your good items in good shape, your local shoe cobbler can fix zippers, heels, soles and straps, if need be}.
  • always mix it up, distressed denim looks polished, not grungy if you add  that belt, bag and shoes. if you're wearing something feminine, add a bit of edge.
  • only buy it if you love it, i always ask my daughter this in the dressing room "do you love it?". ask yourself, and only buy it if you do.
  • always check your backside before you leave the house and anytime you pass a mirror, look for tags that are visible {remove or tuck in}, loose hairs, loose threads, twisted bra straps, underwear peeking out, etc. {note: i like to remove all tags on any sheer or lightweight items before wearing}.
  • always wear clean  pretty underwear, the lacey-er the better, it makes you feel feminine, sexy and confident.
  • accessorize, find your jewelry style; if it's bohemian, pile it on, if it's minimalist, keep it simple, but wear jewelry.  add a scarf, sunglasses, a belt, a nice quality, French plastic hair accessory, if needed, not a hair tie {those are perfect for yoga or running, but change it up when you go out, i love the tortoise hair accessories from jcrew}.

  • avoid trends, stick to classics, this is not to say that you shouldn't wear leopard or colored denim, just don't look for a magazine to define 'your look', develop your own style and then add a few 'in trend' pieces to your look. BTW; classics for me are a motorcycle jacket, different styles of boots, studded belts, feminine cardigans, low-rise jeans in different washes {the high-waisted jeans, though cute, never worked for me}, leopard, cashmere sweaters and band tees. 

  • spend time on yourself, once a week, for me it's every sunday night, give yourself a pedicure. it's like wearing pretty lingerie or holding a great quality handbag, even if no one can see my feet, knowing that they are 'perfectly' manicured makes me feel dressed. 
  • love who you are, my mantra, be who you are and love yourself for who you are. if casual, minimal effort is your thing, embrace it. when you love who you are, nothing else matters when it comes to style.

snapshots of style inspiration here
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