Monday, October 29, 2012

beauty from the inside out.

an ongoing study on aging beautifully.

i do yoga regularly, take a boatload of supplements, eat very healthy {vegetarian who eats fish}
and am obsessed with skin care and skin care products. i am always wanting to learn about the latest developments in health and skincare and above all, what really works.

i have three health gurus that i go to for answers, Dr. Oz, Dr. Weil and Dr. Perricone.

i've read Dr. Perricone's books before, but a renewed interest in Dr. Perricone 
came about when i started to notice that stress was taking a toll on my face. 
i knew i had to make a change. i think all of his books are worth reading, 
but i especially like The Wrinkle Cure and The Perricone Prescription.

i admit, i am not one to follow a diet or instructions, or a recipe word for word...basically, 
i take what works for me and apply it. so, i'll be honest when i say, 
i am not following Dr. Perricone's advice, exactly, rather, 
taking his suggestions and making just a few changes.
having said that, the few changes i've made over the past few days 
have made a huge difference 
in the feel and appearance of my skin, 
so if you are the type that follows the rules
i can't imagine what type of results you might get.

here are a few things i've learned from Dr. Perricone:

eat protein first
drink less coffee, or better yet, give it up
eat salmon many times a week
find the best regimen for your skin type and concerns
use a face product containing DMAE
avoid sugar and high-glycemic foods
eat cantaloupe and anti-oxidant rich berries.
drink lots of spring water, 64 oz per day
use sunscreen after moisturizer
get lots of sleep

so, here's what i implemented the last few days;

i reduced my coffee to one cup a day 
{can't seem to get to 11:00 am without a killer headache without the coffee}.
started drinking lots of water, 6 8oz bottles per day.
started eating protein first at every meal, 
a handful of almonds, a glass of keefir, oatmeal before fruit, 
and lots of salmon. 
i ate salmon and tuna six times over the course of three days.
i ate avocado and a high-fiber, high protein grainy bread.
added lots of anti-oxidant berries and cantaloupe to my daily diet.
i reduced, but did not eliminate my desserts. 
i still had pumpkin pie, original Pink Berry with fruit 
and a few pieces of dark chocolate, 
oh, and a Heath Bar {it's Halloween time}.


i started using a DMAE serum for my face and neck.


i don't have an 'after' photo, but in three days,
my skin truly looks noticeably more supple and has a healthy glow to it.

i am really pleased with the change. i think i had been drinking too much tea, 
not enough water and not enough of the correct fatty acids needed for hydrated skin.

i'm excited. this is doable for me. drinking lots of water, 
eating protein first and eating so much fish are the hardest things, 
oh, and of course, trying not to eat cookies and bread,
but i am thrilled with the results so, 
i'll keep trying to work these miracle changes into my lifestyle. 

has anyone else tried these changes or do you notice anything special 
when you make changes in your diet?