Wednesday, October 17, 2012

maui bound.

normally with the end of sumer and the start of fall, 
i would be really excited for things like
oversized sweaters, skinny jeans, boots, 
pumpkin bread, chai lattes, crumb top apple pie,
grilled brie and pear sandwiches, tomato soup...fall things,

but this year it's different, we're going to Maui before the end of the year. 
i picked up a few new swimsuits,

some shorts, a dress 
and a new pair of Havianas for the trip.

i'm thrilled to be going with my family for a much needed vacation.
so stoked to take my camera, i wasn't into photography 
when we were there last, 
i was into having babies. 

we haven't been to Maui
in 16 years, 
do you know of any 
cool spots to eat, 
things to do?

we want to do what
Maui locals do, 
not tourist-y things.

Maui favorites?

all bikinis Victoria's Secret.
hat billabong.
sandals havianas.
 hawaiian honey image here.


  1. I went to Maui a few months ago for the first time! (actually the first time I'd been to Hawaii at all!). It was absolutely fabulous. I loved it and it is probably one of my favorite vacations to date. Definitely go to Paia, the lavender farm in upcountry, and Kehei Cafe. (and, of course the beach!)

  2. Kerri! I drafted a reply to this back when you wrote it and then my computer timed out, and I forgot that it hadn't submitted. Have you already gone?? I hope I haven't missed my chance...

    I lived on Maui for 5 years and my mom still lives there... my #1 recommendation for you would be to visit Paia, and possibly Makawao. In Paia, I recommend Flatbread Pizza Company, where Parker and I will be having our wedding dinner in April. Such a yummy menu, and the place is so lively! Cafe des Amis in Paia is a good breakfast place (crepes!), and Anthony's Coffee Company has my favorite smoothies EVER (spring for the Roselani Ice Cream addition and pick Haupia). Speaking of Haupia Ice Cream, I highly recommend you and your family some up from the grocery store while you're out there... definitely the best coconut ice cream I have ever had.

    In terms of beaches, it depends where you'll be, but I definitely recommend Makena Beach in Kihei. It's beautiful and usually not as crowded with tourists as some of the other beaches in Kihei and Wailea, and definitely not as crowded as Kaanapali. Baldwin Beach in Paia is also nice, but the wind can be a little more touch and go in my experience.

    If you can make the drive to Hana, do so! Other possibilities are sunrise at Haleakala Crater and the Kula Lavender Farm. Iao Valley is also lovely.

    Hope you have a wonderful time! If I missed it, hope you HAD a wonderful time!

  3. Hi Cameron! We did already go and have an amazing time! Thanks for all your suggestions. Maui is relatively small and we hit many, many places. We're going back, so I have printed your suggestions and will keep them in our Maui file. We stayed in Napili and went to a local coffee house every morning. We ate at Hula Grill and a crazy good taco place. I can't remember the name at the moment...We did go to Paia and ate at a fish market restaurant on the corner and also a breakfast spot, again, I can't remember the names, but they were both great! Missed the ice cream, though and that would have been awesome. We love coconut! Drank a lot of Lion Coffee and brought a lot home!


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