Wednesday, January 30, 2013

devoted to you.

I am a true believer that things, people, events come into your life for a reason. 
Recently I have been thinking about devoting more time to meditation. 
I bought a few books and had thoughts about setting up a special place in my home 
that was just for that purpose. A reminder to give myself that time to learn and listen. 
I had pulled an article about altars from the December issue of Yoga Journal 
and had recently purchased the book May Cause Miracles by Gabrielle Bernstein
{within the first several pages, she talks about setting up a meditation space, 
a space where you can feel centered and calm}. 

{I just hadn't taken the time to do it yet}. 

Then a special gift arrived in the mail, from a very special friend
The gift was Altars, this beautifully 
written book by author Denise Linn that offers 
instruction and inspiration to those 
who want to integrate altars into their daily lives. 
An altar being the perfect place 
to meditate and listen. 
So, now, I am listening...this idea that has been on the 
back burner of my mind, is now at the fore front. 
I purchased a dhurrie to mark the area and am now 
beginning to pull together the items that are 
symbolic of gratitude and inspiration.

some of the beautiful inspiration images 
that I am collecting here on my 

I love the dreamy-ness of this space.

Do you have an altar? 
Please link in comments, 
if you'd like to share your images and practice.

and, yes, I will share my altar when it is completed.