Thursday, June 6, 2013

love more. worry less.

I'm kind of on a roll here lately,
so here goes...
today feels like a brand new day, 
something is different, a breakthrough of sorts
...last night it dawned on me 
that I have a choice...
it's something I've known, of course, 
but knowing about it 
and putting it in to action are very different. 

Today feels different. 

To move forward and not look back at mistakes, or events, that shape you, 
I think, is the best way to go, having said that, I will just say, in a nutshell, 
that my past experiences have shaped who I am in a very positive way 
{which sometimes gets buried deep down underneath a lot of hurt} 
and those same experiences have caused me to be super sensitive and fearful, 
this has been the unhealthy effect of what I have experienced.

So without going into the actual occurrences,
I'll just say that, today,
I am choosing happiness, 
I am choosing love over fear,
 and I am choosing to love myself.

The 'Love Who You Are' thing seems to be my hang up.
It has always been way too easy for me to compare, judge, 
and feel inferior in my lifetime, 
a life-long battle of not feeling good enough. 

I had let myself stray from the images and text that empower my self-esteem 
and had allowed thoughts of inferiority to take precedence.
When tragic and traumatic events occurred, in the past, and just recently, 
I could not find my strength. 
My mind reverted back to old thoughts and my heart was shattered. 
Subsequently adding to the negative thought patterns. 

But, today feels different.

With many patient conversations
{I love him for that}, 
daily therapeutic runs, a bit of retail therapy, 
and choosing a new way of thinking, 
I believe that the old thoughts are gradually being replaced,
 with new empowering  'moving forward' thoughts. 

I have a lot of work to do, but I also have a choice. 
It's with that choice that today feels different. 

Today is the day I choose happiness, for good, 
that I stop allowing the fearful thoughts to consume me. 
Today is the day that I choose to be the best version of myself, 
and to love myself for who I am.

all images via pinterest.