Wednesday, June 12, 2013

defining beauty.

I have been thinking about this quote 
since I saw it a few days ago, 
I realize that, as hard as I try, 
my definition of beauty 
is totally unrealistic at times.

I am quick to recognize 
the beauty in others.

But, for myself, I often equate 'my' beauty 
with how I see myself in the mirror. 
I know I have a pretty mind, 
a pretty heart, and a pretty soul, it's the 
other things that trip me up.

I sometimes look in the mirror or my reflection
and only see everything that has changed. 
I don't take notice of 
my green eyes, or clear skin, or red lips. 
I don't see the beauty. I see the changes.

I know that this is unhealthy, 
my beautiful mind 
tells me so.

My beautiful heart and soul
tell me to look deeper.
To steer clear of so-called perfect beauty
 and look towards 
women whose beauty is more
than skin deep.

So, when I'm listening, I do just that.

I read interviews with Ines de la Frassange.
She has an incredible outlook on getting older.
{She's sexy and she knows it}. 
I love what she has to share
found here.

Best wrinkle cure: 
What's wrong with wrinkles? 

Favourite jeans: 
At the moment J Crew's Boyfriends 

Best underwear: 
Not that "sexy" lingerie stuff that women 
are supposed to go mad over.  
I like a T-shirt in bed. My boyfriend doesn't, though

I look at images of Lauren Hutton. 
I think she's gorgeous.

I visit here and listen to 
Cindy's amazing views on pro-aging.
She truly loves being 62! She inspires me
so much! I want to completely 
adopt her mindset. It's a goal of mine.

This is why I blog, this is why I share.
I am on a personal journey.
To become who I need to be.

To abandon thoughts of being inadequate.
To truly learn to love myself, no matter what.
To believe him when he says, 
I am beautiful 
that I am exactly what he wants. 

To make his world beautiful, 
while at the same time, 
make mine beautiful, as well.

For a girl can only truly be beautiful 
when she knows she is.

I am beautiful.
{well, at least I'm working on believing that to be true}.


all images from pinterest