Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Authentic California. A Glimpse of My Style.

A love for denim, the more lived-in, the better.

Crazy love for S E X Y sandals and heels.

Leather. Studs. Zippers. Edge-y. 

A thing for lace, the more feminine, the better.

Vintage-soft tees, tanks, tops and sweaters.
Heather grey, always a favorite.

Boho Button Downs.

Petal pink toe nails

{sometimes red, but it has to be the perfect blue red}.
Fingernails almost always au naturel 
{making jewelry does terrible things to pretty polished nails, 
so they get 'done' for special occasions only}.

And details.
I  L O V E details.

Color. Embroidery. Texture.

Things that make me feel special.
Like I dressed up.

I'm less about trends and more about attitude.

Love these uber casual looks.

I'm an authentic California girl.

All photos found via my Pin Boards.


  1. seems I´m an authentic california girl too?!?!?! ;oD

  2. As a newbie entering the jewelry space, this blog is enlightening. Keep the wisdom coming!


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