Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Happily Ever After.

Choose the right person. Don't settle for less.

Just because you chose the right person, doesn't mean you don't have to work at it
After all, this is the most important and fulfilling relationship you'll ever have. 
Fight for it.

Never take the other person for granted. None of us are perfect.
Show him/her that you are 100% committed and devoted, and totally grateful to have them in your life.

Make every day special. Whether it be a 6 month-old relationship or a 25 year-old relationship, if this is the love of your life, treat every single day like you're falling in love.

Fall in love. Be in love. Stay in love. To love someone, and to be in love with someone, is very different to me. Decide what you want from your relationship. {For me, I love 'being in love', so I make a conscious effort to 'see and feel' all the things that make me have butterflies. It works}. 

Wear pretty lingerie. Not for them, but for you. {I spend frivolously on lingerie}. 
If I look sexy, I feel sexy. Enough said}.

Dress for the occasion. If your look is not high-maintence, 
but rather girl-next-door {like me}, own it, 
you don't have to wear a full face of make-up or have perfectly blown-out hair, but always
wear something cute, shave, brush your teeth, and wear perfume. Effort counts. 
This is the love affair of your dreams. Dress and act accordingly.

Touch. Touch connects you. Do it all the time
{Nothing makes me smile more than his hand on my leg}.

Be a good listener. Respect is key to any relationship. 
Put down your phone, computer, whatever, when you're together. 
Satisfaction comes from getting what you want. 
Don't expect the other person to read your mind. Tell them what you want. 
Don't wish they knew. That's wasting time.
If you want something...ask for it. 

Plan something special for every day. A love note, a special meal, 
a suggestive or grateful text. A evening walk. A massage.
Let them know you are thinking of them often, and that he/she is your priority.

Don't hold onto hurt feelings. Let go. Choose happiness. Seize the day.