Thursday, August 21, 2014

Wild Thing.

I am crazy about bold, bright, color. 
My style is, and always has been, 
ethnic, colorful, Bohemian...edge-y.
From ripped, faded denim to beat-up biker jackets, 
rock band tees, studded belts, 
leopard print heels, combat boots, tassel bracelets,
and super sexy lace-y lingerie. 
 All of which seems to me like something 
a very confident girl 
would wear.

Which is kinda funny, I think, 
because I'm really shy. There I said it. 
Yep, I'm really, really shy. 
Totally the quiet type.
One-on-one, I can talk up a storm, believe me, 
but put me in a group situation, 
like a party, or the totally dreaded Jewelry Trunk Show {I've only done a couple, 
and I don't do them anymore, because I seriously have terrible 'stage fright'
and I am pretty much just a quiet bystander, 
pay me a compliment, and I trip over myself with insecure comments like 
"oh this is just from Marshall's, it was only $24.99".

So, what is it with my style
How can one appear so sure on the outside, 
but be so timid on the inside?

I thought about it and I think it's 
my heart on display. 
I just totally LOVE fashion. I am moved by it. It is 100% who I am.

Some like pale, serene, pastels or neutrals, 
or sophisticated blacks and greys. 
I do, too, sometimes, 
but all-in-all,
it's COLOR that speaks to me, 
color {and destroyed denim.
I will seriously wear some type of deconstructed denim until 
I'm one hundred and five. That I am sure of. 
Most likely with a printed, colorful Bohemian top}. 

So, I guess that it would be safe to say that although 
I can be painfully shy,
I actually do love to share a few things that I'm passionate about, 
I just find it easier to post a few photos, 
or make a pretty piece of jewelry, 
to hide behind my art, so to speak.

Maybe one day soon, 
someone will notice this shy girl {okay woman} quietly standing in the background 
and say "I love what you're wearing, 
you have a great sense of style", and with that, I can 
step up, and finally, boldly
say thank you {period}, 
and really own it, 
once and for all.

My husband calls me Wild Thing, 
so I guess, at times, the inside does match the outside {wink, wink}.

{My assistant, one who has no trouble with her social life}.