Sunday, January 17, 2016

time to get serious.


The holidays are over, now, it's time to get 
I'm a super healthy eater, 
most of the time, but even still, 
my sweet tooth has the best of me, lately, 
and this cold weather has me craving 
way too much comfort food.

So, a detox is just what is needed .
to kick start spring training 
{aka the season before bikini season}.

I'm going to pick and choose 
menu items 
between this one here and this one.

I don't do diets or stick to any strict detox or cleanse,
{I'm more of a healthy lifestyle, 80/20 type}, 
but I like to use them as guidelines for inspiration.

I like a lot of the menu items 
from these Goop detoxes.

I'm a vegetarian, so that's 
why I pick and choose the menu items 
and use the detox mostly for recipe ideas.

I find that little tweaks to my lifestyle, 
and a lot of reminders to 
make the right choices, 
help me stay on track, because
bikini season really is 
right around the corner.

{ Y I K E S }