Wednesday, September 14, 2016

As long as I'm wearing cute underwear ...

and a stack of gemstone bracelets, 
I feel ready to get to work.

It's true, most days I can be found wearing old jeans and a t-shirt 
or a Boho top, working in my studio with 
a 75 lb. hunk of Black Lab at my feet, pretty casual, right?
But there are a few things that  

I always wear 

that make me feel like I dress up and 'go to' work each day, 
even when I'm just wearing jeans and a v-neck, 
sipping green tea, listening to Pandora, 
and petting a dog with my right foot.

1.  Sexy lingerie, the lacier, the better.

2.  Perfume, usually Tocca, Stella or Florence, 
I trade off, my husband got me both at the same time, who does that?

3.  A stack of bracelets, no less than 7, and always an odd number, 
I'm funny that way.

4.  Cute shoes, If you know me, you know I'm obsessed.

If your style is casual, like mine obviously is, 
but you're crazy about 
like I am, 
just adding a few pieces of luxe jewelry 
to your every day style takes you from 
errand girl to fashionista

If you see me at Target, please stop me and say hi, 
I'll be the one with the cute shoes, pretty jewelry, 
no make-up, and holes in my jeans, 
probably, in one of the Beauty aisles.