Friday, September 16, 2016

You are what you eat.



KOMBUCHA + NUTS: Kombucha with roasted nuts (my go-tos are the pre-portioned cashew packs at Trader Joe’s). I love this pairing because it’s delicious and satisfying and easy to take on the go. Kombucha is also amazing for your gut and overall health.
HEALTHY CONDIMENTS: These technically aren’t snacks on their own, but they can turn the simplest natural foods into flavorful, fully-satisfying treats. I always keep the following on hand: Eden Furikake, Garlic Gold seasoning nuggets, hummus and tahini.
AVOCADO: One half an avocado fruitcake or garlic salt. So simple, so flavorful. The healthy fat keeps blood-sugar levels steady and sugar cravings at bay.
SEASONED CUKES: Persian cucumber chips, sea salt, red pepper and olive oil – the olive oil offers healthy fat, while the red pepper gives it an unexpected kick.
CRUDITÉS + HUMMUS: Crudités with hummus were basically made for each other. Plus, they’re loaded with fiber, which helps keep us full. Plain hummus is great, but if you’re looking for a little excitement, try making beet hummus or lemon thyme hummus.
CRACKERS WITH PESTO: Gluten-free crackers with dairy-free pesto. The crackers from Mary’s Gone Crackers are loaded with fiber and the dairy-free pesto is full of flavor and healthy fat. This snack couldn’t be easier to assemble, and yet it feels more elevated than say, apple and peanut butter. 
HOMEMADE SWEETS:Making your own sweet treats means you have total control over what goes into them. For the most indulgent-feeling healthy snack, it’s a toss up between salted caramel pecans, which legitimately taste like the top of a pecan pie, and paleo chocolate peppermint patties. I also love grain-free chocolate zucchini cupcakes with matcha frosting. 
Adapted from The Chalkboard Mag. Recipes can be found here and here from nutritionist Shira Lenchewski.