Monday, October 3, 2016

Neighborhood walks.

Every weekend we go to the coast 
which is about 10 minutes west from our home. 
We always get a coffee, and walk on the beach
{Usually he surfs first, and we watch, 
then we take our walk}.

Sometimes we pick a neighborhood to walk through. 
I grew up the daughter of an architect and a designer, 
so I love to look at 
homes and gardens.

We have a lot of artists, creatives and money in our area, 
so there is always so much inspiration. 

Lots of beautiful new homes, and many old homes 
with cute updates, and some homes that need 
a tear down or a makeover badly.

We love to walk and talk about all the possibilities 
and ideas that looking at these little neighborhoods bring.

It's one of my favorite weekend things that we do!