Sunday, February 5, 2017

I'm bringin' shark teeth back {yeah}.

I'm bringin' shark teeth back {yeah}

I've been wearing 
my shark tooth 
necklace for years. 

I think it's so strong and sexy.

It makes me feel strong and sexy and I promise, 
it will make you feel the same way, too. 
That's why for over five years now, 
I've brought the shark tooth back.

This season, I'm adding the 
gold crescent pendant to 
TenThings delicate collection. 

It's the same crescent
I've used in past summer seasons 
on chains and bracelets. 

This season, I love the simple elegance of it 
on this 24" long, gold beaded chain.

Again, I think it's
strong and sexy.

and I think you are, too.

Although, I tend to stick with the same colors, 
season after season,
similar gemstones, 
and a similar, overall, Boho vibe, 

I do like to change it up a bit 
and still circle back around 
to my long-time favorites. 

I love beautiful wood beads, gemstones, 
and tassels.

And gold.

I'm a gold girl. 

Every collection will always
have a little bit of previous seasons.

I think that's what 
makes TenThings so special.

New 2017 SS Collection available here.

Here's a look back at
February 2013 SS Collection
same pretty 
ocean-inspired feeling, 
and even a turquoise tassel. 

I still love this old collection.
It's funny how your 
past inspires your future.

I'm bringin' sexy back {yeah}.