Sunday, February 5, 2017

I'm bringin' shark teeth back {yeah}.

I'm bringin' shark teeth back {yeah}

I've been wearing 
my shark tooth 
necklace for years. 

I think it's so strong and sexy.

It makes me feel strong and sexy and I promise, 
it will make you feel the same way, too. 
That's why for over five years now, 
I've brought the shark tooth back.

This season, I'm adding the 
gold crescent pendant to 
TenThings delicate collection. 

It's the same crescent
I've used in past summer seasons 
on chains and bracelets. 

This season, I love the simple elegance of it 
on this 24" long, gold beaded chain.

Again, I think it's
strong and sexy.

and I think you are, too.

Although, I tend to stick with the same colors, 
season after season,
similar gemstones, 
and a similar, overall, Boho vibe, 

I do like to change it up a bit 
and still circle back around 
to my long-time favorites. 

I love beautiful wood beads, gemstones, 
and tassels.

And gold.

I'm a gold girl. 

Every collection will always
have a little bit of previous seasons.

I think that's what 
makes TenThings so special.

New 2017 SS Collection available here.

Here's a look back at
February 2013 SS Collection
same pretty 
ocean-inspired feeling, 
and even a turquoise tassel. 

I still love this old collection.
It's funny how your 
past inspires your future.

I'm bringin' sexy back {yeah}.

Friday, January 27, 2017

Statement earrings to start.

I'm so excited to work on 
my summer collection 
despite the {freezing} cold weather 
we're currently having
here in 
Southern California. 
{where they say it never rains, seriously!?!}

First off, 
statement earrings.

These gorgeous beaded tassel earrings are making me crave 
bare shoulders 
and pinned up, 

and then there's rich and creamy {dreamy}, 
boho chic, long, bone necklaces. 
I can't choose a favorite, I love them all.

oh, and 


and lastly, 
business cards in 
Well, just because ...

doesn't everyone love cabana stripes?
They are the epitome of 
summer, aren't they?

Monday, January 23, 2017

Is it summer yet?

It's the last week of January,
my back yard is flooded, 
I have to wear a sweater every day 
because it's as cold as it gets 
here in Southern California,
I'm drinking coffee and tea by the gallon,
and I haven't used my blender in months.

All I've been doing is 
daydreaming about 

s u m m e r

summer clothes, 

summer meals, 

summer nights, 

{background image via Coastal Living, 
forefront: Savannah Necklace}.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

New year. New vibes.

Harper's Topiary Garden in San Diego. #mustsee

The holidays were amazingly busy and fun. 
I spent tons of time with my beautiful family, 
ate way too much super good food 
and just really took in all the 
love and joy of the season.

I loved every minute of it!
... but, somehow, I'm always really happy when it's all over 
and always really ready to start the new year fresh. 
You, too?

Like everyone else, I have huge plans for this year, 
some are last year's goals that still need to be carried forward 
with a new shot of enthusiasm 
and some are new ideas and practices 
that I can't wait to implement.

A beautiful San Diego home with must-have security guards.

I hope you'll continue to stop by once in awhile,
I'm going to try again this year 
to be a more frequent blogger, 
and if you're interested, 
you can sign up for my newsletter here.

I hope to share the latest happenings, 
news and discount codes, again, 
hopefully on a somewhat frequent basis. 
It won't all be about my love for making jewelry, 
I plan to share some of my 
favorite things, places, and people 
{animals} that I come across along the way. 

This guy made me laugh out loud.

I'm not setting any carved-in-stone goals for myself, 
I don't want to disappoint or get discouraged, 
I just plan to be more 

M I N D F U L 

and grateful overall, and with that I hope 
to continue to share, and hopefully, 
inspire you, my friends, much like you do me.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

We're having a #GIVEAWAY

We're teaming up with our friends 
Wooden Ships knitwear for a fun fall giveaway 
of Eloise, the above darling knitted hat, 
and one Peacock Pearl Stacking Bracelet.

Enter to win on Instagram; simply 

1.) Follow @tenthingsjewelry and @woodenshipsbypb, then 

2.) Comment and tag a friend

Winner will be selected Friday, October 28th!

Friday, October 14, 2016

Three minute daily meditation. Let's do this.

Ever questioned the importance of a daily meditation practice? Are you curious but unsure of how to start? Well, if you said yes to either of those questions, you’re not alone. These days, there are so many pieces of information coming at us – from what to eat, to what to wear, or where to travel, how to work-out, when to meditate, how to meditate etc. It’s no wonder we get caught up thinking more about meditation than actually sitting down to practice it. One of my biggest recommendations is to start a daily meditation practice. It doesn’t need to take up an hour of your time and you don’t need to be sitting in the perfect spot, with the perfect candle, or the perfect view. Meditation can be done almost anywhere. And, the more you can trust that you are doing it right and opening up to the experience of just being in the moment with the breath and the meditation, you’ve officially started meditating. There are a number of ways to get started on your path and as you journey into the adventures of meditation, things will change. But for now, feel free to start with this:

3 Minute Daily Meditation:

1. Shut off any distractions and place all technology on airplane mode.
2. Find a quiet, comfortable place to sit
3. Set your alarm for three minutes
4. Close your eyes
5. Take three deep breaths
6. Just be, wherever you are, whatever the sounds, whatever the story,
7. Just be
8. Relax and focus on the breath coming in and breath going out
9. Allow your thoughts to come in and out, but allow them to pass through without attachment
10. Gently open your eyes and take a moment of gratitude for finding space and time to connect

via Kelsey J. Patel

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

I love motivational inspiration, as a matter of fact, I am hungry for it. 

Be it; food, wellness, fitness, fashion, 
lifestyle, decor or career
I am tapped in to so many inspirational people and I love to soak up all the goodness on a daily basis. Today these tips from Jenna Kutcher really resonated with me so I thought I'd share them with you. If you're not following Jenna, I strongly recommend you do so. She is my 'girl boss' inspiration! Not to mention, she is so relatable, funny and sweet!

1.) When you find a gap (in your industry, in your family, in your life) maybe you're the one who is supposed to fill it! It's easy to see that there's a need for something but hard to be the one to take action. Chances are, if you're wanting something, someone else is too.. maybe your purpose is to fill that gap! 

2.) Take care of YOU. You are your biggest asset and your greatest obstacle. When things get busy, it's easy to put your health at the bottom of your priority list. But it's true, friends, if you aren't taking time to fill yourself up, it's impossible to pour into others. Go on a walk, take a nap, draw yourself a bubble bath, meditate, read a book - anything to just be still with yourself. Give yourself grace, serve yourself a little, too! It's not selfish, it's necessary. 

3.) Connect in real life. It's easy to feel like you're "connecting" with people thanks to social media but what are your conversations looking like when you are face to face with people (assuming that you actually are in the presence of other humans daily!) For me, it looks like a daily workout where I actually get to talk to people and be a part of the community. It's way to easy to hole ourselves in our offices, to pretend we are a still fostering real relationships, but today take a few minutes to send a meaningful email, voice text, to pick up the phone and call someone, or better yet, grab some wine and sit down with someone you love!