Thursday, February 23, 2012

spring detox.

after the holidays, my mom's birthday, my birthday, Valentine's Day 
and a two week visit from my mother-in-law filled with many delicious dinners out 
{i have loved and enjoyed each one, no holding back}, 
i am in need of a major spring detox.

i am officially easing into it today with the real commencement on Monday, 
as that's when my MIL leaves town. 
this weekend will be filled with many meals out again 
and this girl just can't say no to pasta, pizza and dessert.

i did my yoga routine this morning. i love Rochelle Ballard Surf Into Yoga
it's my daily practice. it's not too hard, but the mood of it really suits me, so it's my go-to practice. 
i also do Mandy Ingber's Yogalosophy {it's really hard}.

i drank my latte this morning, i know that caffeine is on the don't list for the detox
but it's my only vice, {who am i kidding, it's one of them, i have many} 
and don't think i could face the day without it. speaking of which, 
i don't follow anything to the T, 
i have never even read my camera manual, 
so when i say i'm doing this detox, i mean, i like the idea of it 
and will be using those ideas to do my own detox. 
i'll be eating mostly fruits and vegetables. 
i'm very lucky that we have several health food stores 
within a few miles from our house.
i'll be making a low-fat version of this moroccan salad
from California Pizza Kitchen, sans the chicken, 
as well as several homemade soups sans cream and bread.

as it is, i do yoga several times a week, drink a ton of tea and take many supplements
i've been a vegetarian for over 20 years and i eat mostly unprocessed foods, 
{i just eat too many unprocessed foods}
so the reason i need a detox is because i feel fat and fat isn't sexy for me. 
it's sexy for others, but it's not sexy for me. i mean that. 
i look at others and think they're beautiful, no matter what their shape,
an extra few pounds on myself, though, 
and i consider myself unattractive and therefore, unsexy. 
i just know where i look and feel best 
and it's at least 8 lbs. less than where i am today.

so i am easing into a temporary goodbye to bread, cheese, pasta, cookies and ice cream, 
after this weekend of course, 
we have dinner reservations at Bucca for saturday night 
{my kid works there, love the Pasta San Remo without chicken and the huge brownie sundae}. 
but today i will be good. i hope.
it's looking like lunch at Jamba Juice for me.

thursday randomness.

our backyard art. old boards found on a side street
headed for the trash. 
thought they were perfect yard art next to the thrifted bike.

a few, yes just a few,
of the quiver 
{that's the term for a collection of surfboards}.

i did my nails last night
and i love them.
OPI Teenage Dream and Bubble Bath.

i can be a bit of a drugstore junkie.
recent favorites. 
color tattoo in Bad to the Bronze
is the perfect natural.

TenThings skull bracelets.

my daughter is off school this week, so we've been having fun.
how do you like my new shoes?
i bought these with a this photo shoot in mind, 
but now i can't wait to wear them myself.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

creative thursday.

   hopelessly addicted.

that's me. hopelessly addicted to Pinterest.
first hour today was wasted away on visual beauty
...thanks to Pinterest and Mumford, 
who was very content on my lap for far too long.

then i got to work; 
creating, photographing, 
drinking tea and eating chocolate dipped biscotti.

first order of business was to complete 
an 80 pieces order 
for one of my very favorite boutiques, 
love you Pink Lagoon!
then i packaged up several orders 
for my Etsy customers {love you, too!}.

one cool customer bought 6 
of the suede skull wrist wraps, 
1 or 2 bracelets for every one in her family 
{including her son and daughters}. 
how cool is that!?!

next, i filled an order for a new boutique in mississippi.

...and now, i'm heading off to the post office.

what are you up to on this creative thursday?