Thursday, February 2, 2012

creative thursday.

   hopelessly addicted.

that's me. hopelessly addicted to Pinterest.
first hour today was wasted away on visual beauty
...thanks to Pinterest and Mumford, 
who was very content on my lap for far too long.

then i got to work; 
creating, photographing, 
drinking tea and eating chocolate dipped biscotti.

first order of business was to complete 
an 80 pieces order 
for one of my very favorite boutiques, 
love you Pink Lagoon!
then i packaged up several orders 
for my Etsy customers {love you, too!}.

one cool customer bought 6 
of the suede skull wrist wraps, 
1 or 2 bracelets for every one in her family 
{including her son and daughters}. 
how cool is that!?!

next, i filled an order for a new boutique in mississippi.

...and now, i'm heading off to the post office.

what are you up to on this creative thursday?