Wednesday, January 26, 2011

my mom, the style icon.

my mom is my style icon.

Audrey Ireland,
the daughter of a theater seamstress,
grew up in Liverpool, England,
then left in search of a new life at age 21.

her travels took her on many adventures,
working her way from one city to the next.

 upon arriving in los angeles, 
she met and married an architect 
that worked for warner brother studios
and lived a life of hollywood parties and glamour 
{she always looked like a starlet
because  she bought all her clothes from 
beverly hills second hand stores}. 
she had a style that all her 'hollywood' friends envied.

for 40 years, my mom has lived near the beach, 
but she never adopted the southern california, beach-y style. 
she never owned a pair of jeans or a pair of flip-flops. 

when i was in high school, i loved going through my mom's closet, 
 borrowing her gorgeous, eccentric, gypsy embroidered velvet skirts, 
sequined tops, floral pumps, costume jewelry, 
designer scarves, boots and bags. i read voque. 
i, too, loved to dress up
and thought nothing wrong of emulating madonna.
i was a material girl.

she worked hard, shopped {always} and traveled the world. 
she was, and still is, my style icon.

today is her birthday. 
she is 82 years young 
and still dresses beautifully everyday and has a closet 
that would make any vintage seller envious.

it is no surprise that i followed in her footsteps.
fashion has had a hold of me for 
as long as i can remember {thanks mom!} 
and now, on a daily basis, i catch
my daughter rummaging 
through my drawers and closets
looking for something to wear.
maybe one day she'll look back 
and think that, maybe, i might have been 
'her' style icon. let's hope so. :)

as seen in lucky mag and
inspired by this cool blog:
my mom, the style icon.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

tenthings jewelry captured by photographer andrew reilly.

so grateful to have a gorgeous model
{my daughter, mikaela}
and an amazing photographer
{my friend, andrew reilly}
to help me capture 
the beauty of tenthings jewelry.

worthy enough for special
occasions, yet still perfect for everyday.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

make a splash.

be fearless.

live boldly. 

dive straight into life with freeing abandon.

believe in yourself.

embrace your beauty.

  make a splash.

text via {whole living}.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

sail away with me.

i love these blues. 
haute spring picks for 2011.
fresh and classic.

available at tenthings.

or you can 
this pair of 
love waits. earrings 

over at my uber-talented friend 
vana's beautiful blog

good luck! 

Monday, January 10, 2011


 sunday photo shoot.
a beautiful girl.
a pretty day.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

the love story continues.

the love story continues...some of you will remember the love story of sadie
part of that story was left out, as we chose to keep sadie and give away all 8 puppies. we were sort of thinking of keeping the black and white spotted puppy {alex named him cowboy}, but decided that he would have a better chance at finding a home, so we fixed sadie and kept her and gave the pup to a local animal center. 

for years, the kids asked what did we think ever happened to cowboy, 
to which we'd always respond, 'he found a great home!'

fast forward 14 years from the day that we found sadie...
alex's girlfriend posts on facebook that she has found a puppy in yuma that needs a home. upon seeing this pup's sad face, the kids agree, he looks just like cowboy and ask if we can adopt him. not quite ready for a new dog in our home, we agree that he can come for a visit over night while they search for a new home for this poor stray {knowing that this is basically like saying YES!}. when we finally meet him in person, he is very skinny, with only three good legs and a sad face, he stumbles around on the wood floor and mostly looks depressed. he doesn't know how to walk on a leash or sit. he has several accidents in the house. i am sad at the sight of this poor puppy, but, needless to say, i fall in love almost instantly, cautiously, but instantly. 
i am happy to report that in less than three weeks, cowboy is an exuberant puppy, sits perfectly, hasn't had an accident since day 3 and has put on 5 lbs. he walks about 80% of the time close to normal using all four legs and best of all, he has brought our entire family and friends such happiness with his sweet temperament and puppy ways.

the love story continues.

meet cowboy.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

petals on the beach.

images via {5 inch and up}.

i love these photos. 
i love this dress. i love these colors.
all that's missing, if i do say so myself,  is Tenthings Jewelry.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

color me happy.

this girl loves color,
so when pantone announced their colors for spring,
i got to work creating an earring
that was all about the happy,
exotic, flirtatious, festive, feel-good, feminine
theme that everyone will be embracing this spring.
introducing  allure.
a gilded flower with a lush, facted crystal drop
in the color of your choice.

 my favorite, honeysuckle.
pantone's 'it' color for spring 2011!

peony. a soft, flirty hue.

violet. a rich, sensual color. just beacuse.

coming soon in 
blue curacao, peapod, lavender and beeswax. 

also available in a wide range of other beautiful colors. 

simple and delicate. 

perfect for a spring brunch. 

lovely for bridesmaids.

please inquire here for discounts 
on multiple pairs in your preferred color choice.

sweet for a special gift.

if your boutique has a signature color
inquire here to carry allure.