Thursday, April 26, 2012

new. inspired. live in love collection.

live in love.
a collection 
healing gemstones 
meaningful amulets.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Sweet 16!

Sweet 16 birthday celebrations;
Mikaela and her BFF, Shannon
hit downtown.
first stop Urban Outfitters,
then Sushi Deli, 
last stop
Extraordinary Desserts!

tonight mother and daughter yoga,
the BIG day;
we are going for
Indian food 
Pink Berry!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

coachella in spirit.

while, i think this tee is absolutely perfect for Coachella,
unfortunately, i'm not going 
{my 18 year old son is though, 
and i really don't think he 
wants to see his mom in a sweat-drenched, 
sheer, floral maxi dress 
singing and dancing like a 20 year old, 
which is exactly what i'd be doing}, 

but, i am still a music lovin' girl
and will be wearing my Frieda tee proudly
this weekend 
wishing i was center stage with 
Gotye, Mazzy Star, Florence, 
Feist, Radiohead, Madness, 
Squeeze, The Black Keys, The Shins, etc.,
just about everyone 
but Dr. DRE and Snoop}.

Freida coming soon in women's 
medium and large sizes.

email me at
if you'd like me 
to reserve one for you.

Friday, April 6, 2012

why blog?

why blog? 
i get a ton of page views 
very few comments. 
why blog? 
the truth is, that although 
a comment makes my day, 

i'm busy, just like everyone else, 
and i'm guilty of doing a lot of looking 
and just a little of typing 
when it comes to others' blogs. 
so just to let you know, 
you're off the hook.
it's okay if you're just looking. it's okay.

i love, love to blog. i blog to share

inspiration. happiness. positivity.
i'm not a numbers-type of girl.
i'm a beauty-type of girl, 
as in, i see beauty 
i hope you find 
what you were 

{for that's all that is required, 
really, to make my day}

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

inspiring minds want to know.

it would be selfish for me to 
keep all this loveliness to myself.

i have my old favorites, 
blogs i have been checking 
in with for years,
my very favorite, 
if i had to pick just one, is 
throughout the years, 
i've added a few more, 
depending on my mood, 
here's a few 
that are also long-time favs;
and daydream lily. xo

now...some of my 
favorite sources 
for inspiration.

there are soooooo
many blogs out there,
thought it might be fun
to make this a regular post;
sources of new inspiration.

what are your favorite
of-the-moment blogs?