Monday, April 26, 2010

small changes. big changes.

after weeks of eating out, vacationing
and celebrating my daughter's birthday,
i literally ate 1/4 of this cake by myself.
i can't help it,
i love buttercream frosting sooooo much.

it was time to get serious
about buying a bikini
and getting back into bikini shape.
i went to the library to pick out some
lifestyle/healthy eating books.
i looked through a few, too hard, too many rules,
too limiting...
and then started on this book.
the ultimate tea diet.
i love it so much.
it's easy, informative
and life changing so far.

i'm not one to diet,
well, not one to stick to a diet,
i should say,
but the idea behind this book is easy.
first you learn all about the amazing benefits of tea
{i immediately kicked my coffee habit cold turkey}
and then drink it all day long to boost your immunity
and stop your cravings for junk food.
and i can honestly say, that after just four days, it's working.
i've lost a few pounds and i'm happier.
{at least that's what my family will tell you,
once i got past the two days of migraines,
i am much more pleasant to be around
without the 'coffee' bitchy-ness.
coffee seriously makes me edgy, but not in a good way}.

here's what dr. tea says about tea:

"Tea has been widely recognized for its amazing health benefits.

It can help:

Boost the immune system
Lower blood sugar and cholesterol
Prevent cavities and tooth decay
Slow the aging process
Decrease high blood pressure
Prevent arthritis
Sharpen mental focus and concentration
Reduce the risk of stroke, heart disease, cancer,
and more ...

Now, it's time for tea to be recognized, not only for all of these wonderful health benefits, but also for its ability to help tea drinkers lose weight.

The Ultimate Tea Diet harnesses tea's incredible weight-loss potential in a straightforward plan for losing weight in a safe and healthy way. Simply find a tea you love, drink it all day, follow an easy food plan, and see the pounds fall off.

Tea's ability to encourage weight loss comes from the synergy of its three main ingredients: caffeine to stimulate, L-theanine to neutralize the harmful side effects of caffeine and act as an appetite suppressant, and EGCG, which causes you to burn fat faster and more efficiently. In other words, tea reduces your appetite and stimulates your metabolism."

oh, oh, and while i was at the library,
i picked up this pretty, little book.
organic and chic.

there's a recipe for crisp, crumbly shortbread
that you can make with
a 1/4 cup of dried tea leaves of your choice
and a little food color to make them pretty.
i'm going to go with chai tea and add a few red drops.

pink tea cookies with a beautiful cup of hot tea...

i am so there!

what about you?

do you prefer coffee or tea?

would you be willing to switch?

Friday, April 23, 2010


i was not planning to blog today.

just had to check my email, twitter, FB and shop,
before i started really working.
i am fortunate to have many orders to fill,
causing me to spend more time working in my studio lately,
then sitting at my computer.

but, then i read my etsy email. suddenly i was drifting.
* * *
the photos grabbed me immediately.
cool images depicting one woman's collection
of beach finds,
i found myself completely
mesmerized by the
colors and textures, the natural beauty.
i wanted more
and went off in search of other images
to add to today's inspiration board.
hope you like them and that you, too, find
creative inspiration today.

beach love.

{via look book}.

below, some recent photos i took
of some rundown trailer homes
in a park near the beach.
i found them to be really artsy.

i love the vibrancy
of this local girl's art.

and this driftwood art is stunning.
i like how it looks
so primitive and simple.

these two photos below from gooseflesh
are what started my search today.
i absolutely adore them. xoxo

here a photo i took at the vans. store
in anaheim. on monday.
i know, i know, it's sideways. i like it that way.

and these gorgeous
vintage-style beach photos.

and my sweet, little dog. she's a beach dog.
she truly loves the beach
and knows how to soak it all in.
perfect inspiration for a girl {me} that's always on the go
and sometimes forgets to stop and smell the ocean.

here she was last weekend,
waiting {patiently} for everyone
to get out of the water,
so we could go get vegetarian burritos.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

the stars lean down to kiss you.

the stars lean down to kiss you
and i lie awake and miss you
pour me a heavy dose of atmosphere

'cause i'll doze off safe and soundly
but i'll miss your arms around me
i'd send a postcard to you, dear
'cause i wish you were here

i'll watch the night turn light-blue
but it's not the same without you
because it takes two to whisper quietly

the silence isn't so bad
'til i look at my hands and feel sad
'cause the spaces between my fingers
are right where yours fit perfectly

i'll find repose in new ways
though i haven't slept in two days
'cause cold nostalgia
chills me to the bone

but drenched in vanilla twilight
i'll sit on the front porch all night
waist-deep in thought because
when i think of you i don't feel so alone

i don't feel so alone, i don't feel so alone

as many times as i blink
i'll think of you tonight
i'll think of you tonight

when violet eyes get brighter
and heavy wings grow lighter
i'll taste the sky and feel alive again

and 'll forget the world that i knew
but i swear i won't forget you
oh, if my voice could reach
back through the past
i'd whisper in your ear
oh darling, i wish you were here

vanilla twilight
lyrics by adam young, owl city.

79 ideas.

i stumbled upon this lovely blog today.
it's in a language other than english,
but it didn't really matter
as i was captivated
by the gorgeous photographs.
i couldn't help but share.
here's just a small sampling.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

bohemian dreamin'

i love this bedroom.
i love that it's simple,
not pretentious.
totally do-able.
cheer-y and bright.

i love this shot!
this darling little boy.
converse and a suit.
a definite heartbreaker.
LOVE it!

i wish this were my bathroom.
take me away...

and i wish this was my studio.
although, i may get more reading
done then creating.

i wish this was my garden.

and this tomorrow's lunch.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

bohemian roses.

tenthings. bohemian rose. necklaces.

as an artist, i am always 'into' something
that stirs my creativity into full bloom so to speak...
after many repeated requests for more rose necklaces
{especially from one particular girl that asks me
every single time i see her, hope you like these alyssa},
i came up with these fresh, bright, bloomin' bohemian rose necklaces
that are similar
to the super popular necklaces
i made in the winter of 2008 with the roses and the feathers,

only these are in full bohemian bloom.

while i will always be in love with feathers...always...
at the moment,
i am crazy in head over heels in love with blooms.

coming soon in other colors of the rose garden.

leap and the net will appear.

this is one of my favorite quotes.

i start to get a little nervous,
about business decisions or money matters,
i use this special quote as my mantra....

leap and the net will appear.

leap and the net will appear.

leap and the net will appear.

and so far, it always has...

do you have a special mantra
that you think about
when 'must make' choices
make you
a little apprehensive...?

i'd love to hear it.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

these are a few of my favorite things.

i love pretty things.
i love adding pretty things to my 'favorites' everyday.
it sort of acts as my daily inspiration board.
i do hope you'll pop over and take a look at my etsy favorites,
but in the mean time, are a few of my favorite things.
{and yes, i do love that song from sound of music.
i once put together a talent show act for my daughter's elementary school,
where each 2nd grade girl sang and acted out the parts of the song.
it was simply adorable}.

can i just say that i adore
every single thing in this shop.
each and every piece
is handmade with love by wende,
too many pretty things to show in one post.

wouldn't these latte cups from the '60's
be so cute with a recipe attached for a sweet treat
and a promise to share a cup of coffee and chat soon.

i want to get these
and stick them in my kids lunch bags.
they'd also be so sweet
just tucked under a ribbon on a gift.

i love this color and style.
a beautiful gift for a beautiful friend.

perfect for the girl who loves to bake.

i own this sachet,
as well as many other goodies from mireio.
the attention to detail and the smell is so pretty,
i only put some in my lingerie drawer
the others i tuck in my pillows
to keep my bed smelling sweet.

i love this idea.
vintage pillow cases used to make
these pretty pants. i'd wear them with a tank in the summer
to go for a walk on the beach and then to breakfast.

i have a love affair with lucy's work.
it truly is breathtaking.
no words required.
please just look for yourself.

this super cool mother and daughter team live near me.
they have the coolest little brick and mortar shop
walking distance from the beach.
when you are there.
you are surrounded by love.
i think these little flags would be darling in a child's room
or a laundry room.
the bow ties they make for little boys are crazy cute.

i love to buy handmade and vintage.
i love to buy gifts for others.
these few things here are perfect gifts for mother's day.
for bridal gifts.
for a special birthday.
or a simple...i'm thinking of you gift.

but, please don't stop here,
this is just a small sampling.
take a look at each and every shop
and some of my other 'favorites'.
i'm sure you'll find the perfect handmade
or vintage gift
for someone you love.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

spring break.

i'm back. we spent last week at the beach camping.
it was relaxing, somewhat
{we had anywhere from 9-12 kids with us at all times},
beautiful, absolutely,
and inspiring.
while, i did run home each day to check my email
and do a little, tiny, bit of work, mostly, i did a lot of thinking
and came home eager to get back to work.
our kids are teenagers,
so many friends stopped by, some stayed all 6 nights.
it's hard to resist a beach house {actually, several tents}
15 minutes from your neighborhood.
food, snacks, music, bikes, skateboards, numerous surfboards
...basically, a flop house of sorts.

friday was the last night at camp.
tipper was beat. we made it a point to walk
a lot while we were camping.
like a mile or so several times a day
she loved it, but it caught up with her.

here she was sleeping on my lap
while i watched everyone surfing at sunset.

two of the boys {mine and danny} bought
these crazy african shirts
from the thrift store
and wore them around. that was after they bought girls' shorts
for .99 cents and skated around the canpgrounds. harmless fun.
antonio brought a didgerido.
my son wanted to learn how to play it so bad.
he never quite got it.
it's a really cool instrument, but tricky to play.
we are planning to have antonio and brendan over soon
for music lessons, surf flicks and pizza.

we ate breakfast here
most mornings. pipes cafe.
huge plates of delicious food.
kona coffee and free refills.

surf camp.

daily surf report.

surfer girls.

swami's. self-realization temple.


my husband and i were the only adults,
so, it wasn't really romantic or relaxing,
but it was a lot of fun.