Thursday, May 31, 2012

'shroom caves.

i meet dogs, everywhere i go. i love dogs. 
i'm like the President and babies, 
only my thing is dogs.

we met Kylie at Seaside. 
13 lbs. of little Aussie gorgeousness.

these are old Lucky sweats. i love these pants.
seriously, i shouldn't wear them out of the house anymore
{note to self; DON'T!}
as they are not flattering 
{read: hippy, not Hippie}, 
but i love the skeleton on the leg. 
i never got into the Ed Hardy thing, 
i'm more vintage band tee than brand name,
i do love Lucky Brand, though.

neon pink toes.

art in the 'Shroom Caves. 


someone carved 
L O V E 
in the wall. 
{i love that}.

{as if i needed to say that}.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

you have teenagers!?!

The card reads: 
"Happy Mother's Day Mommy!!!
Thanks for being my 24/7 stylist, 
thearapist, health nut, yogi and homie!
I love you Mommy, 
thanks for putting up with my teenage girlness, 
like all the time! You are the coolest 
mom out of all my friends, 
I'm surprised you don't have a show 
called "Keeping up with Kerri" yet. 
I love you sooooo much!!!
Love, Mikaela"

"you have teenagers!?!" 
I get this a lot from strangers, 
which totally surprises me, because, seriously, 
I've aged a good ten years in the last five!

I have the coolest kids, I'm their mom, I can say that. 
But, having teenagers is tough. 
It doesn't matter if it's Mother's Day, Father's Day, 
Christmas or my birthday, 
stuff happens 
and sometimes a day that is supposed to be 'perfect' can be trying. 
Having said that, I'm not one to focus on negativity, 
so I'll say this, Mother's Day was hard, but this sweet card made up for it. 
Mikaela wrote this card before Sunday 
and gave it to me the day after Mother's Day. 
I love it and wanted to share it, 
not because it spells out how cool I am {wink, wink}, 
but rather because it is a sweet reminder that even when life 
{read: HAVING KIDS} 
is challenging, 
there isn't anything more important 
to me than being their mom.

ps. in the spirit of being fair, my son, 
went shopping on his own
and bought me a beautiful mermaid 
that is sitting on my fireplace mantle, 
another reminder of the love in my life.
{he also picked himself out three tattoos in the past year
all of which we said, no, please don't get any tattoos!}
and, of course, 
my husband went overboard, as always, 
to show his love and appreciation.
{he is my dream come true}.

Monday, May 14, 2012

week twenty.

before this busy week gets underway
i took a few minutes to
plan my week and check in 
with some of my new favorites, 

my beautiful friend Anne's blog pretty crush. 

great inspiration, great products. great diy. 

p.s. this is my stunningly beautiful niece
Ryann. love, love, love this girl.

added several items 
to my Whole Foods shopping list, 
including Hair Force. 
Anne says it makes your hair 
grow really fast. my hair already grow really fast, 
but i thought i'd give it a try just for fun,
maybe it will make my hair shinier. i like shiny.

then, a few more 
after reading this post,  found via  
mother's natures beauty secrets.

added this to the list, too.

i drink a tablespoon of 
apple cider vinegar every day,
along with a a fist full of supplements. 
can't really stand either one, but
i take them with a smile on my face.

a quick stop to check in with cindy; words of wisdom.

i try to check in everyday. she really inspires me to 
love myself.

i signed up for my weekly yoga classes. 
i find when i register for the classes online, 
rather than just planning to go to class,
it secures 
my commitment to practice every day. 
not always easy, 
but seriously, 
one of the best things i do for myself everyday.
i've been practicing 6 days a week for 4 months now.

a quick visit to lovely Erin Jane at JaneReaction. 

read today's post; her husband is so sweet.

another quick stop here, Eat Sleep Cuddle.

pulled out all the ingredients to make irish soda bread later today.

revisited this post from the weekend.
i bought all the supplies to make these woven bracelets
and taught myself how to macrame.

harder than i thought it would be, 
for me, harder means takes more time,
i have major ADD, so if things take too long, 
i lose interest, either way, 
the supplies have been ordered and shipped, 
i'll make a few for myself and if i get the hang of it 
{i.e., can do it in lightening speed} 
i might make a few for the shop.

and now, i've got yoga at 9:30,
then it's off to work, 
lots of pretty things to make, 
lots of ideas to get out of my head, 
a few necessary phone calls 
and emails to make,
some running around,
need to go to the local bead 
store to get some silk thread for the malas 
i'm making on thursday. 
yes, thursday is mala day.

well, there you go, it feels like my week 
is off to a great start...

what's on your agenda this week? 

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Sunday, May 6, 2012

// photo shoot //

i grabbed a few scarves and my new bracelets from 
the Live in Love Collection
and headed to this 
magical spot overlooking La Jolla Shores.

not a bad way to spend the late afternoon. 
i feel so fortunate to live in such a gorgeous place. 

at the end of the day, my assistant {husband} 
carried my model {daughter} off location 
and we headed to Starbucks for promised model 'pay'
{a chocolate cookie crumble frappachino and a tiramisu cake pop}.