Thursday, May 31, 2012

'shroom caves.

i meet dogs, everywhere i go. i love dogs. 
i'm like the President and babies, 
only my thing is dogs.

we met Kylie at Seaside. 
13 lbs. of little Aussie gorgeousness.

these are old Lucky sweats. i love these pants.
seriously, i shouldn't wear them out of the house anymore
{note to self; DON'T!}
as they are not flattering 
{read: hippy, not Hippie}, 
but i love the skeleton on the leg. 
i never got into the Ed Hardy thing, 
i'm more vintage band tee than brand name,
i do love Lucky Brand, though.

neon pink toes.

art in the 'Shroom Caves. 


someone carved 
L O V E 
in the wall. 
{i love that}.

{as if i needed to say that}.


  1. What a great family portrait!!

  2. I love your little beach adventures. Just stopping by to say hi. It's been a while.....


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