Friday, August 31, 2012



a few @tenthings instagram shots.

i take a lot of photos. i love my family.
i love food. i love the coast.
my babies are no longer little, 
but i still take photos of them like they are.
my son is a little more willing lately, 
{Alex, can i take a quick photos, sure Mom!}
so there's a few more photos of him.
my daughter is the beautiful face of TenThings,
but not so into me taking photos of her
at the moment 
{Mom, DON'T tag me in photos!}
so, if you follow me on instagram, 
you'll see what inspires me 
and get a sneak peek at the people 
and animals that i love so much.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

TenThings' workspace.


a few quick shots of my workspace. still a work in progress.
need to add shelves and more art. also wish I could disguise 
the printer, the JBL speakers, the modem, the router, 
the cords, all the tech stuff 
{they're currently housed under the desk and behind the monitor}.

oh, and i need a new chair. 

inspiring work spaces here.

LOVE who you are.

between Pinterest and my Etsy Favorites, 
i come across many images that 
inspire me, 
make me happy 
just really speak to me
{define me}. 
these are a few 
of my recent 
Etsy favorites.

all image credits can be found here
'my' style pin board.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

choose your thoughts.

only your thoughts can endanger your happiness.
wherever you are, whatever you're doing, 
choose thoughts that knit your heart together, 
rather than tear it apart. 
martha beck.

 thoughts of love
and gratitude
knit my heart together.

all images here.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

TenThings is the featured artist on The Bright Side Project!

always look on The Bright Side!

The Bright Side Project's mission is 
to bring sunshine every day
with themed giveaways and witty repertoire. 
they hope to inspire others to stop for a second 
and remember life is (still) beautiful.

  • t o d a y

TenThings is the featured artist on
The Bright Side Project.

take a look,
these beautiful 
sienna earrings,
via pinterest, facebook and twitter.

and have a bright, bright, bright sun shiny day.

Friday, August 24, 2012

weekend plans.

i so want to make this.

happy friday.

it's raining this morning. 
a summer rain, i guess. 
but, it's actually a little cool 
{feels a tiny bit like fall}
and it's friday, 
so i'm planning
what to do 
what to make for a meal or two 
over the weekend.

this would be great tonight;
bake sliced figs topped with brie, 
warm under broiler 
and serve with whole grain crackers.

it might end up being too warm 
this weekend 
for this delicious soup,
but i'm going to make it soon.

thought i'd make this sunday night
to have with our weekly sunday dinner;
{usually grilled fish}.

we have some fun plans 
for the weekend;
going downtown to hit the thrift stores
early tomorrow morning, 
and the evening at the beach.
sunday is still to be determined,
but good food and the beach are a definite.

what are your plans for 
this almost 
the end of the 
summer weekend?

images are on my pin boards.