Wednesday, November 16, 2011

worn driftwood.


Everybody in my family has different scars. 
My daddy’s scars are scattered. 
And me, mine is over looked. It sits in the corner of my cheek, faded by time. 
Alex’s scars are many, some new. Obvious, yet he doesn’t try and hide them.
But my mom’s scar, my mom’s scar, like a small scratch on glass, 
like a tear in the hemline all delicate because she was only playing, 
almost impossible to see unless she shows it to you, 
sitting on her lap you feel safe, is the worn piece of driftwood on the damp sand, 
is the feel when she makes room for you on the narrow couch still warm from her skin, and you sit near her, the fog outside lingering and daddy still snoring. 
The snoring, the fog, and mommy’s scar that’s like worn driftwood.

okay, so i got the 'proud mama thing going on' these days. 
another beautiful poem written by my daughter. 

Saturday, November 12, 2011

come and knock on my door.

on the weekends i get up hours before anyone else {unless the surf is good, then they're up before me} and i sit quietly in my front room watching The Rachel Zoe Project and drinking cup after cup of coffee, usually while looking through old issues of Domino {i kept every single issue and still refer to them all the time - Domino i miss you!}. Anyway, today as i sat there and looked around this room that is so me and the rain came pounding down and Roger fired Miah {i love Miah! wish he'd do a makeover at my home}, 
I thought about this room and
thought i'd share some of the things 
that make our house a home.

Buddhas; all shapes, colors and sizes. 
from serene, old world antiques to colorful, fat and happy Buddhas 
{i find most of these at Marshall's, World Market or Ross}. 
My living room is full of these plump guys. i love them.

distressed, weathered wood anchor pieces, some from Pottery Barn, some from Tijuana and the armoire {purchased unfinished, then i painted it to look like the cover of The Four Agreements Book}.


a hot pink, embroidered, patchwork 
Moroccan pouf 
{found at Home Goods a year or so ago - score $89}.


an abundance of pillows in various patterns, colors and textures. 
{my latest find, two Flokati pillows in cream found at Target $14.99 ea.}.

we are fortunate to have amazing professional photographers in our circle of close friends providing us with tons of family photos taken throughout the years. these photos are my most favorite works of art. i look at these photos every day and count my blessings. truly.

i group my books by color on the book shelves. they make a bold statement and a jolt of color in the room. from the stack of Nat Geo's to a tower of hot pink books, color blocking on a shelf. baskets of surf magazines and fashion mags are always at the ready.

a pillow, a luxe throw, a drum set stool that used to accompany a black junior drum set {long ago sold on Craigslist} that now usually acts as a foot stool all in 
leopard print. this girl loves leopard!

{that's wizards of waverly place on the tv, for those of you who are detail oriented}.

a bubblegum pink and a jet black pair of acoustic guitars hang as art on the wall above the couch. a Hawaiian ukele and a set of bongo drums rest aside the armoire. no one here no how to play anything really, so i love it when one of our friends comes over, picks up an instrument, tunes it, and starts to play.

bright. bold, inexpensive surf art and a Jack Johnson concert poster hang in simple frames as wall art, along with a few canvases i painted a few years back { i love to paint, it's just a hobby that doesn't make it on the to do list often enough}, one of my first Etsy purchases; a Keep Calm and Carry On print in British red from SFgirlbybay, a reminder that when the going gets tough, the tough get going {proven time and time again by my Liverpuddlian mum} and crosses adorn the wall as well. i know, Buddhas and crosses
...i am undefined, but a believer.

and last numerous tchotchkes, a small collection of vintage manual and polaroid cameras, candles galore, 50 year old Cuban, wooden cigar boxes my husband inherited from his childhood Florida days, an old, old aqua globe, feather dream catchers, crystal Lalique fish {wedding gifts},  kids pottery and Papier-mâché  from high school art classes, striped Mexican horse blankets and a faux fur throw in steel blue, a couple of yoga mats, two siamese cats and a ginger chihuahua. 

it's a super casual place, not at all like the decor that drives me wild, 
it's a notch above a surf shack
constantly filled with teenagers, 
loud music and the sound of skateboards.
but these are the things make our house a home.

come and knock on my door. 
you are always welcome.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Friday, November 4, 2011

it's a beautiful rain-y friday here in southern california.

it's a beautiful rain-y friday here in southern california.
the perfect day to stay home and create.
a chai latte, a slice of warm pumpkin bread.
a tiny, red chihuahua 
and two siamese cats balled up 
in blankets on the couch.
rain pitter patters on the back patio.
it's a beautiful rain-y friday here in southern california.

what's the weather like where you are?
image via designlovefest.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

only yesterday was the time of our lives.

there are days when your heart aches like you never knew it could, when the sight of a young mom pushing a baby jogger makes you suddenly break into tears, when Adele singing..."...only yesterday was the time of our lives..." makes your eyes swell up so much that you can't barely see the stop was one of those days for me.

and then within an hour, things were like they used to be...we shared a laugh {baby, baby, baby, nooooo} about a tweet i saw about Justin Bieber's latest news, i made an after school snack and looked at the children that i love, how they've grown, how they are growing away from me, how they are spreading their wings, making choices, teen age choices...i listened to my son complain about his sore throat, i administered medicine, made a dinner he could swallow and i was happy, like the old tree in The Giving Tree. 

and then my daughter showed me a poem she'd written about someone she loved for her 10th grade english class. and then i was really happy. like really, really happy.

Mom Who

Mom who radiates light
And says she loves me
Who is a new idea and a worn magazine
Who is a home cooked meal and a love song
Whose hair is gold thread
Has a lot to do today
Who tells me I’m her baby
Who says it’s her job to protect me
Whose green eyes concentrate
Can’t go to the store right now
Stays on her feet all day
Who likes to laugh, and the number five
Is inspired
Is a pair of old jeans
Is tired turn off the light please
Cuddled up in blankets
Is sleeping down the hall
Who kissed me goodnight
Is chilly hands and the smell of coffee
Who walks fast and talks with kind words
Is the sun that leaks through my blinds
Telling me she loves
I love you too

written in a house on Mango Street style. I love it and wanted to share it.