Wednesday, November 2, 2011

only yesterday was the time of our lives.

there are days when your heart aches like you never knew it could, when the sight of a young mom pushing a baby jogger makes you suddenly break into tears, when Adele singing..."...only yesterday was the time of our lives..." makes your eyes swell up so much that you can't barely see the stop was one of those days for me.

and then within an hour, things were like they used to be...we shared a laugh {baby, baby, baby, nooooo} about a tweet i saw about Justin Bieber's latest news, i made an after school snack and looked at the children that i love, how they've grown, how they are growing away from me, how they are spreading their wings, making choices, teen age choices...i listened to my son complain about his sore throat, i administered medicine, made a dinner he could swallow and i was happy, like the old tree in The Giving Tree. 

and then my daughter showed me a poem she'd written about someone she loved for her 10th grade english class. and then i was really happy. like really, really happy.

Mom Who

Mom who radiates light
And says she loves me
Who is a new idea and a worn magazine
Who is a home cooked meal and a love song
Whose hair is gold thread
Has a lot to do today
Who tells me I’m her baby
Who says it’s her job to protect me
Whose green eyes concentrate
Can’t go to the store right now
Stays on her feet all day
Who likes to laugh, and the number five
Is inspired
Is a pair of old jeans
Is tired turn off the light please
Cuddled up in blankets
Is sleeping down the hall
Who kissed me goodnight
Is chilly hands and the smell of coffee
Who walks fast and talks with kind words
Is the sun that leaks through my blinds
Telling me she loves
I love you too

written in a house on Mango Street style. I love it and wanted to share it. 


  1. That is so, so, SO sweet. What a happy, loved, proud mama you must be.

  2. Thanks Cameron, made my day. happy.

  3. so wonderfully loving.
    we were just talking last night about how we wish we could tell our son that he'll make it through the teenage years. it might be awkward and a little rough, but he'll get through it.
    and just this morning when i dropped him off at school, he told me that he'd miss me all day.
    i love that little man!

  4. Thanks Alex! and they really do miss you all day. This I know!


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