Monday, January 30, 2012

laguna beach.

spent the weekend in Laguna Beach 
with my family. 
photos of the rest of my family
are on instagram @tenthings.

found this cool, little thrift shop.

shot a few quick ones against this wall.

love, love, love this wall color.

it may seem like all i do is play
but it's not true. 
the weekends, 
are made for fun.

Monday, January 23, 2012

another inspiring weekend.

i haven't been posting much. 
busy with creating and filling orders
{thank you!}.
i'm working on  a lot of new 
things for TenThings.
i can't wait to share.

as always, my inspiration comes 
from the images and happenings
along the coast. 

here a few snap shots from last weekend.

it was gloomy. the waves were okay.
the boys went out. i took photos.

then we took alex to pannikin 
{or panniclick, as we used to call it}. 
it's a very cool coffee house in Encinitas
that's been around forever. 
their mexican mochas are my favorite!

i have instagram {@tenthings} now, so does alex.
we fought over who could take the best photo 
of these buddhas. 
i liked mine {wink}.

so that's a pretty good picture of what i do
most weekends. 
we walk a lot, 
eat delicious food 
and are always, always 
in awe
of the great beauty that surrounds us.