Tuesday, August 31, 2010

spirithoods. and DIYs.

spirithoods. love this.
* * *
oh, and

i am a huge DIY girl! 
at least, i like to look at them and think 
'i could make that!'

i am totally digging this blog 
and can't wait to try some of these ideas!
top of the list:
the friendship necklaces and the shibori, 

oh and maybe the shredded tee and ombre' shorts...
or the pom poms...oh, shoot, it all looks fun! 
i love a good {and easy DIY...idk, 
do you think these look easy?}.

more silver?

just curious...

would you like to see tenthings. 
carry more pieces in silver???

Monday, August 30, 2010

plum pretty sugar and tenthings.

i am a summer girl, so to speak, 
but i have to admit, i am strangely really, really looking forward to fall. 
maybe it's the turning of a new leaf or maybe it's the pumpkin pie, 
chai tea and roasted cauliflower soup desires 
that are nudging me towards fall..
whatever the reason, 
i am looking forward to the change in season.  

first up, early september,
a photo shoot with one of my favorite etsy shops
plum pretty sugar! 
i was absolutely tickled when Charlotte asked me if i'd like 
to send along some jewelry for her upcoming photo shoot. 
i am packing up some pretty things to send her way today. 
i seriously can't wait to see the end results. 
her shop and sense of style are always inspiring. 

these images from

sheer bliss.

* * *

so cal bloggers and press 
welcome at the september 8th, 
malibu beach house photo shoot.

contact charlotte here for more details.

a love so strong.

we lost our sweet sadie last night.
we were lucky enough to have her for 16 years.
we love you sadie.

below is our chynna, 
who passed away a few weeks ago
at the age of 16 also.

and so it doesn't 
seem all soo sad...

here's tiki {10}, mango {4} and tipper {10}...

who we hope to have
for many years to come...

Friday, August 27, 2010

new. layered. charm. necklaces.

new at tenthings.

wishbone for good luck.



this necklace i made for my daughter.
with a special 'B' in place of the 'believe'.

winged heart.


on the reverse side
{a gentle reminder}.


and always gift wrapped 
in tenthings. signature boxes.

cute kids. surfers. and a photo shoot.

alex. mikaela and brendan.

i love this kid!

my love.

random surfers.

photo shoot for reef.
i love the stylist in yellow.
{acting out the photographer's directions, 
that's exactly what i do!}.

swami's parking lot.


this is our friend brendan's car.
a supa cool guy. a supa cool car.

this guy drew the artwork. it's my favorite.