Wednesday, August 18, 2010

random thoughts.

these are just some of the tear sheets i've been pulling this week. 
 i am so getting ready for fall after visiting H&M 
and the new, huge-est Forver 21 i've ever seen yesterday. 
while my style is a bit more grown up, i love seeing all the trends,
colors, styles, etc. from these stores. they are so current. 
a few affordable pieces are always fun to add.

ready for sweaters, jeans, tights, 
boots, heels...

i'm planning my next photo shoot, too. 
these images really inspire the feel that i'm looking for. 
i love the natural light and neutrals. i've never been a 'fall' girl, 
but this season, i am all out excited!
i'm really feeling the sexiness of neutral. 
it must be the 'makeover' mode i'm in.
{i did make an appointment for microdermabrasion and a peel in september
and i'm going to have more dark put in at the roots this week 
because i am totally loving the ombre" look}

do you like it?

also, i'm a bit behind {like seriously behind} on my fall collection, 
i was hoping to have already done my fall shoot 
and already have all the new jewelry designs in the shop,
but the summer was jam packed 
and i had little time for 'thinking' much less for creating.
 my kids start back to school next week,
which will allow me some much needed creative time, although i'll miss my kids.

oh, and after years of people telling us 
that we looked exactly alike
{the security guy at the airport didn't even want to see her birth certificate, 
he said he could tell she was mine}, 
my daughter dyed her hair dark, dark, dark chocolate brown this week.
it looks beautiful, of course
{she could shave her head or paint it blue and she'd still look gorgeous}, 
but it's thrown me for a bit of a loop, 
as i imagined the photo shoot 'california girl' and now, i'm scrambling a bit
to re-imagine my ideas to move forward with my shoot. 
yes, i know california girls are not all blonde, but somehow, 
i liked the natural-ness of her real hair color 
and this dark brunette seems more city-ish.
so, i'm re-thinking my styling ideas.

stay tuned.