Tuesday, August 17, 2010

true. friendship.

i have been immersed in fashion mags 
and trips to the mall this week {back to school shopping}, 
that's why i'm so excited about these 
flirty, floral, uber-feminine earrings. 
everywhere, the must-have look is girly! 
{i love forever 21 and H & M for inexpensive, feminine basics!}
these earrings make a pretty addition to jeans and a tee. 
{i wore mine today with skinny cargos, a tank and heels-it was 94 degrees} 
and they're oh so flirty with a fancy dress or work clothes.

they come in a rainbow of colors
and are the perfect gift for a friend, 
the bride 
her bridesmaids. 

shown here in marine blue, pink rose and indian red.

oh, did i mention that they not only make the perfect gift as they
are stunning and beautiful, they're affordable, too....only $22!


  1. These are great! Love them, I'll see if I can facebook book them to my family and friends.

  2. Yeah! I did it (posted to my facebook).


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