Thursday, August 12, 2010


first off, thanks for all the sweet comments on our anniversary. this was the first time in 24 years that i had been separated from my husband for more than a day or two, so it was weird being away on our actual anniversary date. my daughter and i just returned from our trip to florida last night, so my sweetie and i will be celebrating our anniversary with a dinner date this weekend. can't wait. so without further delay, here are a few photos from florida. the highlight of our trip was going to disney's epcot and universal's harry potter.

my salad from french bistro at epcot {france}

epcot {japan}

epcot {italy}

epcot {morocco}

but, it was all about the desserts.

chocolate mousse.

and strawberry tarte.

we couldn't get enough of france and morocco.
seriously want to go abroad now more than ever.

day two, the magical wizardry world of harry potter...

butterbeer! {$10!}

cute candy store. more butter beer! 
the girl couldn't get enough...

harry potter was beautifully done. picturesque.  

super duper crowded and 100 degrees!

a couple of shots of the inside of the stores. 
there were waits up to two hours just to get in a store.

the rides were crazy, too and we went on all three!
lots of sweating. lots of people. lots of fun.

more photos coming soon of the rest of our trip.