Monday, August 30, 2010

a love so strong.

we lost our sweet sadie last night.
we were lucky enough to have her for 16 years.
we love you sadie.

below is our chynna, 
who passed away a few weeks ago
at the age of 16 also.

and so it doesn't 
seem all soo sad...

here's tiki {10}, mango {4} and tipper {10}...

who we hope to have
for many years to come...


  1. It is sooooo sad when you loose a pet. You had yours for a very long time. So glad that you have others to keep you company at this time. ((((HUGS))))

  2. so sorry to hear about Sadie Kerri :(
    She sounded like an amazing dog!

    You've got Tiki, Mango and Tipper there to cuddle your sadness away

  3. Oh so sorry! Losing a pet is hard.

    I love your siamese! The one in the last picture looks like my favorite cat, Pudge that died last year. So so hard.

  4. I'm sure Sadie and Chynna are playing happily together in heaven. I feel like crying even though I didn't meet them. My cats have meant so much to me! I'm glad I have my lovely Dimitri =).



  5. so sorry for your recent losses :(

  6. I'm feelin' the love! thanks everyone! xoxo


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