Monday, October 31, 2011

i'm a warrior. i have to be.

every day, before i leave,
i tie or slip on an assortment of bracelets. 

i usually wear three or four 
of these beaded wrap bracelets in different colors.
{i am obsessed with making these}.

and one or two of these. 

along with a handful of vintage gold bangles
and other suede wraps with lucky amulets.
lately, i've been adding these superhero
hammered cuffs to the mix.

it's my daily ritual. 
my armor. my protection. 
i'm a warrior. i have to be.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

natural beauty.

jennifer aniston

i am the type of girl who can't wear a lot of make-up
and i don't do much to my hair,
so natural is 'my look'...
i buy a lot of products {can't help myself}
but, i really don't use much
or i put it on and quickly take it off.
anything other than natural doesn't feel like me. 
lucky for me, my husband likes the natural look the best.

so, when i look through mags or blogs for ideas,
dramatic make-up looks
make me want to buy a new liner or mascara
but, it's the natural look pages
that i end up pulling out for inspiration.

carolyn murphy

especially as i get a little older,
i really feel best in my own skin.

there are several women {older than me} 
whose looks i love;  all natural girls
who look beautiful without all the make-up
and straightened hair.
some of my favorites, 

lauren hutton {68}, 

elle macpherson {47}

and cindy joseph {60}.

i love cindy's look and attitude. 
shown here in this video.
all images via google images.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

TenThings Collective. almost listed.

vintage cardigan sweater

vintage mermaid skirt

vintage alpine ski sweater

vintage espirit shoulder bag


vintage denim jacket

vintage snakeskin blouse

vintage gilded star flats

with TenThings going strong for over 3 years now
and the recent addition of TenThings Collective
it's sometimes a challenge to shoot and list everything 
as quickly as we'd like to
{school, work, orders, the weather, life}.
but today, finally,  we did a quick shoot 
of the things we found thrifting the past few weeks.  
{seriously it was like july 4th at the coast this morning...tons of traffic, 
the sun was warm and bright, not the best for photos, 
but absolutely beautiful for October}.

items coming soon to 
that is if we don't keep them all.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

almost famous. TenThings Holiday Lookbook Shoot.



a last minute shoot. 
threw some clothes together 
and headed for the beach.
perfect winter-y weather. 
loved Rusty {the  dog}
who just happened to be walking by 
and fit in perfectly with my colors for the shoot.
he politely let me take his photo, 
then went about his walk on the beach.

later in the day, while rummaging through my closet,
pulling out 501's and sweaters, my daughter told me  
"next to having a rock star for a mom", 
you are the coolest mom ever".

almost famous.

Holiday Lookbook.
photos by kerri jones.