Sunday, February 28, 2010

winter storm.

{surf spots detailed
on the map at pipes cafe}.

* * *

this weekend
we had lots of rain, tsunami warnings,
flooding and huge surf.

this is 101. pacific coast highway.
lots of sand and stones
on the 101, lots of traffic.

last weekend.
{before the storm}.

cardiff reef. parking lot.
{after the storm}.

despite the weather...
there was a surf contest.

volcom surf contest.
sunday, february 28th.

alex paddling out {in yellow}.
Jayson watching. it was really stormy.

it was a tough paddle out.
even tougher to catch anything.
huge, but stormy waves.
alex was disappointed
and tired.

watched these boys wait
for the waves to wash over the bench,
when they did. they would run.

cool grom bus.

cool kicks.

all stars + biker boots = love.

waves washed
over the parking lot.

it was an exciting morning.

contest over, we headed for
breakfast at one of our favorite spots.

this is johnny at pipes cafe.

this was today.

* * *

earlier this week
we were in san clemente. up north.
i didn't get a chance to post before today.

this is icons in san clemente.
a cool indie surf shop.

by our friend, chris christenson
has his beautiful boards there.

we also went to pedro's
for a vegetarian potato taco.

Friday, February 26, 2010


this is swami's.
an internationally known surfing spot,
a point break located in encinitas.
swami's was named
because the grounds and hermitage
built in 1937, overlook this reef point.

a mosaic memorial at swami's.

a boutique
of the self-realization fellowship
near by.
when i read the book eat, pray, love,
i always pictured this ashram in my mind
as the place elizabeth gilbert was 'praying'.
{in the late '70's my mom made me go there once.
she was trying to 'find herself'. she's cool like that}.

local graffiti.
local cat checks the surf.
{this place is full of characters}.

tipper likes to check the surf, too
and lick the salt water
off unsuspecting surfers.

my bag is a gift from harlowmonroe.
i use it everyday. coincidently,
a girl in encinitas {shopjessbecause}
made it.
you can find her here on etsy.

the sunset.
{those black spots in the water are surfers}.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

i think it's almost spring...

i am madly working away
in my little studio this week,
luckily, i have many orders
to fill before the end of march.

♥•.*THANK YOU*.•♥

and so many, many
ideas for new creations.
{but, i can't work on those
until i finish these wonderful orders,
but i just had to take a moment
and get them out of my brain
and recorded some how}.

i am craaazzzzy 'feeling' spring,
it's almost here, i think.
although we're supposed
to have a huge storm this weekend,
i am ready for all things spring. i am.

i can't wait for gourmet picnics,
bushy flowers
{i'm the garden variety-type of flower girl},
and hand-in-hand walks on the beach
in a pretty floral dress
not a overstuffed parka and uggs.

my mind is filled
with juicy red and bold turquoise,

so, here,
a peek into some images
that are fueling
my creativity today.

i love, love these bohemian quilts from
stone school vintage.
makes me want to plan a picnic today
so i'll be ready when the sun comes back out.
if you haven't taken a peek
please do. you'll love it.

love these vintage bikes.

thinking about buying
them for the surf shop window,
actually, i just did.

love this photo. must be the colors,
although, i'm actually
pretty darn good at croquet.

oh, you know me and surfboards.
the shapes, the colors, the graphics.
always inspiring.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

fond of hats.

{that's a jason mraz quote}.
earlier this month we attended ASR,
peter grimm had
professional photographer, ian white,
snap photos
of people wearing their hats.
we had many hats to choose from.
here are some shots of us foolin' around.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

what inspires me personally?

{peace. a pencil holder my son made}.

i'm honored to participate in
organized by victoria of sfgirlbybay, someone who i admire
and am definitely inspired by on a daily basis.

if you haven't already heard about this cool event,
blog it forward is a group of approximately 300 bloggers
sharing what inspires them personally, on their blogs,
then passing it forward,
to the next blogger on the list.

today is my turn, sooooo here it goes...

i find inspiration in simple things.
the ocean.
art. color. design.
and music.

{mango in my meditation space}.

i am inspired by fashion;
fashion mag fashion and street fashion.
from high-end haute couture
to laid-back casual. i adore fashion.
tulle, ruffles, jeans, cowboy boots, bikinis,
flip flops, feathers and gold. i can't get enough.
i'm especially inspired by someone
who has their own sense of style and owns it.

{mango in tulle}.

{i want this vera wang dress}.
have no idea where i'd wear something like this,
but i want it.

{and this mix of ruffles, tulle and biker boots}.
this i would wear out to dinner.

i am inspired by the california coastal lifestyle,
the color, the smell of the ocean, surfers, sea creatures,
flea markets, surf shops and local cafes.
it's the only thing i've ever really known.
the only place i've ever lived.
i truly drink it in every day. i breathe it.

{colorful boards at mitch's}.

{rocks at seaside beach}.

i am inspired by the art around me, simple art.
friend's photography, magazine tear sheets,
graffiti, front doors, surfboard graphics, wine labels,
old, rusty fences, chipped paint.
i could spend a day taking photos
of street art, flowers and food,
but you probably won't ever find me in an art museum.

{ my studio}.
i am always surrounded by my friends,
which is my true inspiration.

{homemade thai salad}. call me crazy,
but i love to cook, bake, etc.
and everyone knows they can't eat 'til i take a photo,
if it's pretty, which it usually is.

{cardiff wall art}.

{mailboxes on cedros}. i love imperfect.

color inspires me. i dream about color.
i love pinks, turquoise, tangerine, greens and red.
color can and does stop me in my tracks.

{turquoise. my favorite color}.

{cardiff wall art}.

music is a part of me. different styles, different times.
i listen to songs over and over again,
seriously, until they are a part of my soul.

these are a few of the things that inspire me,
thanks for taking the time to read.
i'd love it if you'd share a few things that inspire you.
now, i'm blogging it forward to that is all.
you can check out the full schedule
of all the other participating bloggers here.